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Coffee shop In Hanoi

About Us

In 1980s, after the national liberation, Huongmai Cafe was started up as a small coffee shop in Hanoi Old Quarter by Mrs. Hương Mai, who was inherited the technique of roasting traditional Vietnamese Coffee from her own family. In the early year, she roasted coffee into small portions to supply for only local Hanoians. Due to the national economic transformation, her family had to move to different places and her customers were no longer found her shop again, but it was such a miracle that her name had gone before herself, the trademark of Huongmai Cafe was spread out widely by her loyal customers. Many new customers knew about this legend coffee shop and tracked down the address of Mrs. Hương Mai for ordering whether just to buy a small pack of coffee. Since then, with the highly appreciated reputation and prestige in the coffee business, the name of Huongmai Café is widely known not only from local Vietnamese but also from the Europeans, Asians, Americans and Australians.

Our goal is to become an independent traditional coffee roaster who provides quality products in reasonable price. 35 years after the 1st day Huongmai Café was found, we still running under the system that was initially created by Mrs. Huong Mai to maintain the old good traditional roasting method. We also focus on choosing the best coffee beans from all over the country to deliver a quality and tasty coffee product to our customers.

Under the name of Huongmai Cafe, there are 5 retailers located in the Old Quarter, central of Hoàn Kiếm District, Hà Nội, whose owners are Mrs. Hương Mai’s sons. Beside, Huongmai cafe is also a wholesale trader, a lot of Coffee and Tea that are being served in Hanoi come from our brand.