Four Season Oolong Tea Bamboo Box - 200g

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Four Season Oolong Tea are listed in kind of High Mountain Tea. Grown in the highest of mountain and daily fog. Similar to an Oriental Beauty Oolong in character, but tightly rolled into a ball shape. The lighter oxidation level produces a light liquor with a golden hue. The complex cup has natural sweet notes with a caramel hint in the finish and complex flavor makes it very popular among tourists worldwide.

Net Weight: 200g
Size: 14*5*14 (cm) 
Ingredients: OOlong tea
Useages: When brewing a little tea (3-5g) into the tea set or tea cup, pour a amount of boiling water into the tea set or tea cup depending on your preference. Wait after 5 minutes to use.
Expiry Date; 24 month
Distributor: Hương Mai Cafe
Country: Viet Nam

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