Moka Coffee

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Moka coffee is grown in the best soil Vietnam - Da Lat plateau and found by Dr. Paster. As queen of the kingdom, coffee, mocha particles larger and more beautiful than the other varieties, with deep aroma, gently but quietly seductive, very chic, ecstatic, a little bit of a sour elegance. In structure Moka Coffee smell, the taste is very rich story, and subtly blends make sense of ineffable charm. Especially when you enjoy hot coffee Moka pure, scented, no sugar, no milk, no ice.

- Ingredient : 100% Arabica coffee beans.
- Useage: 1. Prepareing intrustments. 2. Put coffee powder inside (20g). 3. Gently shake and press the cap inside. 4. Pour 20ml of boiling water. 5. Wait until coffee fully absorbed. 6. Fill up with boiling water. 7. Add more 40ml of boiling water. 8. Wait until coffee finish dripping, enjoy with suger or milk.
-Expiry Date; 18 month
- Preserving in dry, cool place, avoid contact with air.
-Contributor : Hương Mai Cafe
- Orginal : Việt Nam

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