Cinnamon Green Tea Box

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Green Cinnamon tea box is the handicraft product, made from 100% ancient cinnamon bark with over 20 years of age.The perfect combination of ancient cinnamon bark and premium green tea, not only brings out unique scent of Cinnamon, but also sterilizes tea leaves, all of which enhance and lengthen the naturally sweet flavor of Jasmine tea. Have you ever tasted a cup of tea made of cinnamon – the wood fairy? This is a special and meaningful gift for your family, friends, colleagues, partners… on holidays and celebrations.

- Net Weight: 100g

- Size: 12*7

 - Ingredients: green tea, cinnamon

- Useages: When brewing a little tea (3-5g) into the tea set or tea cup, pour a amount of boiling water into the tea set or tea cup depending on your preference. Wait after 5 minutes to use.

- Expiry Date; 24 month

- Distributor: Hương Mai Cafe

- Country: Viet Nam


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