Weasel Coffee

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The coffee with its extremely intense and velvety taste, breathtaking aroma and distinct hint of chocolate and caramel. It stands for a sweet scent of the jungle, the mystery of the earth, fire at the palate - all of which pamper each and every sense and allow to feel open to the love of this unforgettable experience which is the taste of the Weasel Coffee.

- Ingredient : Weasel Coffee No.2 (Mix between Weasel Legend Coffee and Normal Coffee )
- Useage: 1. Prepareing intrustments. 2. Put coffee powder inside (20g). 3. Gently shake and press the cap inside. 4. Pour 20ml of boiling water. 5. Wait until coffee fully absorbed. 6. Fill up with boiling water. 7. Add more 40ml of boiling water. 8. Wait until coffee finish dripping, enjoy with suger or milk.
-Expiry Date; 18 month
- Preserving in dry, cool place, avoid contact with air.
-Contributor : Hương Mai Cafe
- Orginal : Việt Nam

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