1. Culi coffee
What is Culi coffee?
Culi Cafe also has many other names such as Peaberry Cafe or Bi Cafe. This type of coffee in Spanish is called Caracol and translates to snail. The reason for this name is because the shape of Culis quite round, looking like snails.

Normally 1 coffee fruit will have 2 flat beans, however Culi coffee only has 1 bean. Also because of this characteristic, the caffeine content in each Culi coffee bean is higher than other coffee varieties, and its flavor is also richer.

Currently, there are some countries that produce this type of coffee, such as Brazil, Kenya, Tanzania, and Vietnam, but the output is not high. Most of the selection and harvesting of Culi coffee beans is done manually, so its price is quite expensive.

The taste of Culi coffee?
Unique, sophisticated, has aftertaste, has depth, has "personality", and has its own characteristics. Culli coffee has a slightly acrid taste, with a long bitter aftertaste of pure coffee, showing a strong personality, outstanding compared to other types of coffee. Due to its rare output and above all its rare and unique flavor, Culi coffee is called a "pearl" by coffee connoisseurs in the coffee kingdom. Mutant Culi coffee is relatively rare, accounting for about 2-4% of the harvest.

2. Arabica coffee
What is Arabica coffee?
Arabica coffee is also called tea coffee in Vietnamese. Arabica coffee is a type of coffee discovered before robusta, and has a longer history than robusta. Arabica has a very characteristic aroma and faint coffee taste. This coffee variety has lower caffeine content than robusta. Arabica has a sour taste and does not give a strong feeling like robusta. In the world coffee market, Arabica coffee always sells for more than Robusta, with the difference often double.

There are four common types of pure Arabica coffee and one type of relatively pure Arabica coffee. The four purebreds are Caturra, Bourbon, Mocha and Typica. A relatively pure breed is the Catimor. In Vietnam in the past, Arabica coffee was mainly grown as Bourbon and Mocha. Mocha in Vietnam is also known as Moka. Currently, the most commonly grown arabica coffee in Vietnam is Catimor while only a very small amount of Bourbon and Mocha coffee is still grown in Da Lat.

Arabica coffee flavor
If you are a fan of Arabica, it is impossible not to know the unique flavor of this coffee variety. According to experts, Arabica coffee has a sour taste mixed with a slight bitterness. The scent is faint and elegant. When brewed, the coffee water will be light brown and slightly amber. In fact, the flavor of Arabica coffee will be influenced by soil and climate factors.

3. Great combination of Arabica-Culi coffee
Culi and Arabica coffee is an extremely perfect combination, the rich bitter taste and high caffeine content of Culi, the gentle and passionate aroma of Arabica blends with the dark black color of the water, and the sweet aftertaste. This is a combination of unique quintessence.

With its elegant sour taste and sweet aroma, Culi Arabica stands out more than regular Arabica coffee. Culi Arabica coffee usually has a mild bitterness and delicate flavor, providing an enjoyable experience for those who love passionate flavors.

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