Moka coffee

1. Origin of Moka coffee
Moka was first found in a port city called Mocha in Yemen. Therefore, this coffee variety is also called Mocha Coffee. This type of coffee was first brought outside of Yemen in the last years of the 13th century. When missionary Marco Polo came here and brought Moka beans to sell in Europe. However, it was not until the 17th century that Moka coffee beans really became a wave and became famous throughout Europe. When people mix it with Chocolate, it creates a Coffee - Chocolate flavor.

In Vietnam, coffee appeared in the 19th century with the expeditionary corps from France. They grew coffee on the Lam Vien plateau, with an altitude of 1500-1600m above sea level. Soil conditions are very suitable for growing this plant.

2. Characteristics of Moka coffee
If you compare the Arabica coffee variety with the Moka coffee variety, the Moka variety is quite difficult to grow. They are susceptible to pests and diseases and consume a lot of the grower's fertilization effort. Therefore, they will have unique characteristics through the shape of the tree, their fruit and their unique flavor.

3. Moka coffee flavor
What does Moka coffee taste like is the question of many people. Moka coffee possesses a unique and classy flavor that no other type of coffee can imitate.

A cup of 100% pure Moka coffee will have a slightly bitter taste, mixed with the sour taste of coffee beans and the fatty smell of oil. When drinking, the bitter taste spreads in the mouth and throat, but after just a few seconds, a passionate and sweet aroma emerges.

Perhaps the Moka tree is very difficult to grow and needs a lot of human care. However, the aroma and sweetness that follows are the result of perseverance and care during processing. This is what makes the flavor of Moka coffee unique in the world.

4. Why is Moka coffee known as "Queen"
Moka is known as the "queen" of coffee because of the essence it brings to those who enjoy it. Coffee connoisseurs especially love this premium product line. So you can easily find Moka coffee at luxury cafes.
Moka has a scent that is not too strong but elegant and noble, seducing coffee lovers. The taste is fragrant with a fruity scent. Perhaps, thanks to being grown in lands located at high altitudes, with a cold climate, light sunshine during the day and dew at night, it gives Moka a different, ecstatic flavor. position.

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