1. Objects of enjoyment

For Saigon people, coffee is a popular drink for all classes, ages, from the elderly to young people. It is a mouth -to -mouth sentence to make an excuse, gathering friends: "Coffee?". With just a nod, the coffee cup becomes the connection between two or more people sitting together to chat about all the things in the world.

The Hanoians are a bit different, the most favorite coffee must mention the elders and business people who are passionate about their work. Hanoi people do not sit for too long, but calmly not in a hurry. For them, enjoying coffee is an art, a hidden long story to tell.

2. Drinking time
In Saigon, people can enjoy coffee at any time of the day. It could be early in the morning with a newspaper still smelling of ink, on a stool right at the curb. Sometimes, Saigon people stay up late sipping a cup of coffee with a close friend, watching the strange silence of the streets when the lights come on.

Particularly for Hanoi people, they usually only sip a cup of coffee in the morning in the chilly air and a few rays of sunlight creeping through the canopy. Hanoi people do not sit for too long, but calmly not in a hurry. Sometimes people also make an appointment to drink coffee in the evening but usually not too late.

3. Oral location
Saigon people can drink coffee anywhere, from the sidewalk to luxurious shops. The places to serve this drink in Saigon are also very diverse in genres. For example, from books of books, pet coffee, flat coffee to garden coffee …

In Hanoi, it is different, due to the crowded land, the shops are also simpler. It could be a shop in the old town style, or sitting temporarily on the sidewalk. Especially sometimes the guests are willing to sit at the same table close to each other because of the end. If the Saigon people go to Hanoi for the first time, they will certainly feel a little strange.

4. Culture invites water when guests come home to play

The culture of using drinks to invite guests is most noticeable when guests come home. If in Saigon in particular or the Southern people in general, if you are a visitor, the landlord will welcome and invite coffee as greetings, opening the story. Coffee is a traditional drink of Vietnamese people, especially Phin coffee.

Hanoi people do not receive guests to the house to play with coffee, but instead use filtered water, sunflower seeds or confectionery to invite guests and chat. For Hanoi people, the simpler and faster things are often prioritized in everyday life.

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