What is your motivation to wake up every morning? Everyone will have different goals. People are busy with worries about food, clothes, money, people are busy running after endless passions. They believe that living right with their passion is really happy. How will your new day start? As for me, while still drowsy, as a habit, I make myself a cup of ginger tea for a new day of excitement.

I don't know since when, I love tea so much. After a period of use, I see my body has extremely positive changes. For young people, tea is not too strange. Young people look to tea as a soulmate, comfort and emotional healing. Instead of loading up useless cups of milk tea, of unknown origin, why don't we try drinking herbal teas, which are extremely benign and protect your health. Like you, we are young people, looking for an elegant hobby to dispel the fatigue of life. Even if things can turn against you at any moment, love yourself and enjoy the wonderful moments. Happiness is drinking the tea you like next to the person you love, whispering a few daily stories. Since you are young and have many dreams, just chill out so you won't have any regrets later.


What do young people think about tea culture? As society develops, leading to the interference between many different cultures, many new trends gradually become trends among young people. “Fashionable” is an adjective usually reserved for modern young people who are passionate about technology, have their own style and are trendy. The sophistication they show is not only in fashion, hobbies, entertainment ... but also in the art of enjoying tea, which is said to be the passion of the elderly. Talking to a reporter of Life and Consumption Newspaper, many young people said that they like modern tea, ready-to-drink teas, milk teas, etc., because they have many different flavors, which are quick and convenient. Ngoc Anh (Dong Da, Hanoi) confided that to young people, in addition to refreshment, drinking tea is also a way for them to express their own style. Drinking tea today is not necessary to have a full set of teapots, specialized tea cups or elaborate and elaborate processing. The style of tea consumption of young people is more flexible because they do not have the conditions to take care of a hobby that takes a lot of effort and time. “Instead, pre-processed teas with compact packaging are always preferred by young people. This form not only helps us to enjoy tea anytime, anywhere, but also contributes to expressing the dynamic and stylish style that young people want to assert," Ngoc Anh said.


Anh Tuan (Ha Dong, Hanoi) shared the view that a young person today often has a unique personality, always knows how to express himself and appreciates his own health. Therefore, even how to choose tea to enjoy, they always choose the type that is not only convenient and quick to quench their thirst but also has health benefits. However, some other young people think that, if they take a little time to enjoy traditional tea and study hard, maybe each person will realize something interesting in the art of enjoying Vietnamese tea, and maybe you will not be.

Quynh Anh (District 9, Ho Chi Minh City), said that after stressful working hours, she often frequents quiet tea shops to enjoy my pleasures. elegant. At these teahouses, each room has a number of wooden tables and chairs for guests to sit on. The art of enjoying tea is very suitable for groups of 3-4 people who need a quiet space to chat. "When we enjoy a cup of tea, we will feel more clearly the aftertaste of life, the soul will also be more open, relaxed and settled, feel love for life and get rid of all the fatigue of life" - Quynh Anh said.


And you, what do you think about Huong Mai's tea?
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