Almost every one of us has at least once tried drinking coffee. The story of enjoying coffee doesn't stop there, not everyone is knowledgeable enough, observant enough to distinguish between pure coffee and mixed coffee. In the following article, Huongmai shows you the following simple distinctions to have the right judgment about pure coffee.

About color

Are you reading this article? Help Huongmai try a little experiment. You put a cup of coffee in the sunlight, if you look closely, you will see that the coffee water has a very eye-catching light brown color. When you put ice in a cup of pure coffee, the mixture will gradually turn amber, a very beautiful clear brown color. Undeniably, coffee has long been inherently a bean with extremely special characteristics, no matter how deep it is roasted, how deep it is, the finished product made from real coffee beans is only brown in color cockroaches or slightly darker brown. The thick, viscous black coffee that you often see is not actually extracted from pure coffee, but has gone through stages such as buttering, tasting and using roasted soybeans to make coffee creating a color formula that makes many people mistaken about the truth behind the story of pure coffee.


Character: insignificant comparison

If you are a true coffee addict, you can see that when brewing pure coffee, no matter how thick it is, the consistency is not significant. Therefore, a cup of coffee that is considered pure, 100% real will have little comparison. The opposite test, if the resulting coffee product has a consistency, "plasticity", you feel the coffee drops blend together and "stick to the ice", a viscous consistency like when you cook you add a little more. Tapioca starch is added to the dish to create a thick consistency, then make sure that this type of coffee contains a large amount of cornstarch (this is the type of powder that. Many housewives often use it to create a consistency for sauces), production facilities have used this method to save money on buying raw materials, the finished product is a drop of poor quality coffee, which affects the quality of coffee greatly affect the health of users. Huongmai believes that you are a wise user to choose a reputable address and buy the best quality products.


Pure coffee without much foam

Unlike other blended coffees, when pure coffee is added with a little sugar and then thoroughly beaten, only a small layer of foam appears with bubbles of relative thickness, brown and speckled on the surface. The surface of the coffee cup does not appear too much. Understanding the needs of most users, capturing the preferences of coffee drinkers who like to drink a lot of foam, many production facilities even defy adding detergent to coffee to create foam. Because of that, the foam created from mixed coffee often appears a lot, even spilling out the side of the cup, but as you can see, these foam bubbles are usually quite large, but thin, even rainbow-colored like the soapy solution used to blow bubbles. One of the ways that is considered the best choice is that you try to experience pure coffee at a prestigious address to have the most real feelings. Look no further, at Huongmai Cafe – we always appreciate quality, dedication and responsibility.


It is hoped that this article will help you to supplement your knowledge about coffee when choosing to buy and use quality coffee.