In life, coffee is an indispensable drink in the spiritual life of people. In addition, coffee is also applied in life to make attractive dishes, serving the essential needs of people. How is coffee used in food? Read the entire article below with Huongmai Cafe to better understand the story of these black pearls!!!

Useful information about CJ cakes bringing Italian flavor to Vietnamese consumers        

CJ biscuit is the first coffee-flavored biscuit product in Vietnam. As soon as it appeared on the market, the cake impressed consumers by its new taste. Distilled from the taste of Italian coffee, CJ brings in the taste of the beautiful and poetic Italy

The unique combination of traditional biscuit ingredients and a unique coffee flavor has created a new cake taste that quickly attracts consumers of all ages.


Inspiration to make CJ cake     

The inspiration to create a delicious cake box is definitely Italy with the magnificent, brilliant and majestic Rome, the poetic Venice river, the Rialto bridge or simply but equally delicate, the taste. Typical Espresso coffee that those who have tried it will never forget.

CJ cake is a coffee-flavored cookie, like beautiful, magnificent Italy but also very delicate, seductive and mysterious, with a very specific flavor that makes people remember forever.

For those who love Italy or have a passion for the famous coffee flavor of this country, they will definitely have interesting experiences when enjoying CJ cookies.


Discover the taste of CJ cake

Unlike most cookie flavors on the market, CJ biscuits are not too expensive but still create their own character and assert their own class.

The flavor of the cake is a blend of many carefully selected ingredients. The aroma of cake flour, butter, milk and the aroma of Espresso has created a rich flavor.

The cake is not bitterly sweet, but mixed with a slight bitterness of coffee, the crispy taste and certain porosity create a pleasant feeling when enjoying. You will be very hard to resist the delicious taste of the cake as soon as you open the bag.

Is eating CJ cake fat?                

Popular with consumers of all ages, office women also love to use it for an afternoon snack. Therefore, many women wonder if eating CJ cake is fat?

Made from the main ingredients including selected wheat flour, premium milk powder, sugar, vegetable oil, coffee powder... contains a total of 120 calories/24g. According to nutritionists, such calories are not too high.

In addition, these ingredients have all been selected and produced under strict procedures, ensuring safety for health. So you can safely use a moderate amount of cake every day without worrying about fat.


Besides, you should still maintain a scientific diet. The product is suitable for use as snacks or snacks, not the main source of nutrients, so it is not recommended to use too much, to replace meals.

CJ Cake is a high-class biscuit brand known and trusted by many Vietnamese consumers for cozy tea parties with family, used as gifts for relatives, friends or simply gathering at places. office in the afternoon.

Candy Coffee

This product is manufactured on modern lines in Indonesia according to advanced technology, ensuring high quality products are delivered to consumers. The product is made from sugar, glucose, vegetable oil, coffee essence... according to a special formula, creating an unforgettable delicious taste.


Candy K is not only loved by children, but also by many adults. The product is the perfect "savior" for those sudden hunger pangs at the end of working, studying or stressful and tiring work. The amount of sugar in the candy will help you temporarily replenish energy before having a main meal, and at the same time help the brain work more alert, let blood circulate evenly to keep blood pressure stable.

In the above article, Huongmai Cafe has introduced to you the application of coffee in daily life. It can be said that coffee is increasingly capturing the hearts of all audiences and people are increasingly optimizing finished products made from coffee.