Huongmai Cafe - the address providing prestigious and quality mink coffee products in Hanoi. Committed to 100% clean mink coffee at a reasonable price, ensuring safety for users' health, taking quality as a guideline.

1. About weasel coffee

Weasel coffee is considered an extremely valuable gift of Tay Nguyen - the largest coffee capital in the country. Weasel coffee has long become a familiar name for those who love and want to experience more types of coffee. It is considered a premium coffee with a very special taste, unique scent, and a blend that reaches the level of charm and infatuation. In recent years, the coffee industry has attracted the attention of many people by the revival of the legend named "weasel coffee" - a drink that is ranked among the rarest and most expensive in the world - the land which is famous at home and abroad for its scale, coffee productivity is known as the mecca of the Vietnamese coffee world. Huongmai Cafe is a prestigious address that sells the best quality mink coffee in Hanoi. With a long-standing reputation and trusted by domestic and foreign customers, as a gift, it is very suitable as a gift for partners. Besides, weasel coffee is also used, appearing in large and small conferences at home and abroad. Weasel coffee products are gradually becoming popular and are chosen by countries such as Japan, Korea, America, Australia, etc. as drinks on special occasions.


2. Processing

In Vietnam, there are many species of weasel, but there are only two typical species that eat coffee berries: Weasel Moc and Weasel Perfume. Adult weasels weighing about 8 kg do not bring the desired quality, so they are rarely raised for coffee. The mink weighs about 3 kg. This type of weasel is often chosen by many farms to produce quality mink coffee. In order to raise a mink with high economic value, it is necessary to ensure compliance with many strict standards and be researched by experts and undergo a careful screening process before being put into use.


After eating the best coffee beans, from 3 to 4 hours, weasel will excrete pure coffee beans with the husk intact. After 1 night, 1 ferret excrete nearly 1 ounce of coffee beans. To get 1 kg of weasel coffee beans, on average weasel will eat about 10 kg of fresh ripe coffee. After harvesting the "product" of the weasel excretion, the coffee beans will be washed, dried, and packed to ensure the right moisture. In a coffee crop, a weasel can only harvest from 5 to 6 kg of weasel coffee. That is also the reason why weasel coffee is so expensive.

3. A few shares

When preparing and enjoying properly, you will have the opportunity to discover the very characteristic flavor of weasel coffee.

The passionate smell of coffee blends the scent of vanilla, chocolate, the smell of sweet ripe fruit, mixed with a slight bitter taste and then gradually sweet at the corner of the lips... The deep and sweet aftertaste of coffee makes people fall in love drunk. That is a difference that is hard to see in regular coffee. At Huongmai Cafe, we provide you with premium weasel coffee products. Customers at home and abroad are completely assured of quality as well as price. We are committed to 100% CLEAN mink coffee. If customers have any findings about the quality of the coffee, we will refund the product value.


Making coffee at home is now no longer a difficult thing for those who love and like to make their own homemade coffee. The taste of weasel coffee will make those who enjoy it for the first time have extremely special and unforgettable emotions.