What do you know about jasmine tea? Let Huong Mai tell you.

Jasmine tea has long been a precious tea classified in the four traditional great names of Vietnam. Capital is carefully selected from green tea leaves, medium to medium range, not too old, not too young.

Combined with the scent, faint aroma of pure jasmine flower, blooming in the middle of the night, creating a unique tea taste that no other tea can compare. Fragrant jasmine flowers when night fell, when the night mist covered the darkness, flashing bright spots of jasmine. That's why the scent of jasmine tea is very special, true to the mission of It gives off the fragrance of life.


Huong Mai cinnamon tea box is a handicraft product made from 100% ancient cinnamon bark over 20 years old. The perfect combination of ancient cinnamon bark and jasmine tea premium quality not only brings unique aroma, but also helps preserve tea leaves and prolongs the pleasant aroma of jasmine flowers.

Health benefits of Jasmine Tea

Jasmine tea is derived from green tea, so the effect is similar to green tea, bringing a lot of health benefits:

- Anti-aging, enhance resistance.

- Reduce fat absorption, support weight loss.

- Beneficial for the activity of the nervous system, helping to refresh the mind.

- Create a feeling of alertness, excitement, help you work effectively.

- Limit the risk of cancer, diabetes, heart disease. Besides, jasmine essential oil in tea has the effect of reducing stress, sedating, creating a feeling of relaxation, comfort, reducing cough, and preventing infection.



Are you ready to try Huong Mai house cinnamon jasmine tea? Hope this article is useful to you.


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