Hanoi - the capital of a thousand years of civilization, where the ancient features still linger on the winding chessboard streets, the French colonial houses are still looming along the streets, the golden walls and the blue doors. Once upon a time, still standing there. It is also strange that Hanoi people say that no matter how rushed they are, how busy with the rhythm of life in a bustling city, there is still a small space they dedicate to finding old values.

The image of Hanoians leisurely, slowly sipping warm coffee, reading a few daily newspapers, regardless of how busy the traffic outside is, has been deeply ingrained in the subconscious of generations. The children of Hanoi, really, do not dare to claim to be top experts or master baristas about coffee, only dare to consider themselves as small people who are always working hard, contributing to preserving what is the most quintessential Vietnamese traditional coffee. Time flies, from a small stall nestled on Hang Buom Street in the 1980s, starting with batches of freshly roasted coffee to crispy brown, just enough to sell to a few patrons who love the bitter taste of water full of passion.


Since then, with an exclusive system and a team specializing in coffee, Huongmai Cafe has been bringing the pure Vietnamese coffee experience around Hanoi, our imprint covers all on the curved land S-shaped and present in the international market. Huongmai Cafe has strived to be able to bring coffee lovers a whole new experience with the 5th store located at 56 Hang Be, this location is also loved by domestic and foreign tourists and visit regularly. However, due to the impact of the epidemic, Huongmai Cafe's stores have been temporarily closed. Currently, we only open one store at Hang Manh branch. Tea, coffee and cool water are always ready to serve you.

If you are a coffee lover, love the slow pace of this enchanting brown drop, let's live a little slower with Huongmai and sip a cup of coffee!!! Huongmai Cafe has a reputation as one of the ancient traditional coffee shops in the heart of Hanoi. Located on Hang Manh Street - one of the familiar streets, this place is bustling with shops and restaurants. The small cafe preserves the quintessence of traditional Vietnamese coffee, which is very popular with domestic and foreign tourists. If you have the opportunity to visit the capital, do not miss this place.


At Huongmai Cafe, we not only have coffee, tea and cool water served on site, but also finished coffee that is carefully packaged for you to take home and make as a gift fit. The price of Huongmai Cafe's products always goes hand in hand with quality, which will surely satisfy even the most demanding customers. Huongmai Cafe always strives to bring the best quality of service to customers, for that reason, the brand is still loved by coffee lovers as in the first days.

Tourism has begun to reopen, and the restaurant's business has gradually stabilized. We are always happy to serve coffee, tea and cool water to dispel the hot summer sun.



Huongmai Cafe

Address: 15 Hang Manh, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi

Visit us from 8AM - 10PM every day of the week, including holidays, Huongmai Cafe is also open to welcome you.