If you are knowledgeable about the "miracle" of coffee, you will be able to choose for yourself the ideal cup of drink every day to increase work performance, anti-oxidants, even support weight loss and have health benefits. Positively improve our health, make our spirits happier.

According to historical records, coffee began to be cultivated and traded in the 15th century in Arab countries, but the motherland of coffee is Ethiopia.

Genetic research shows that globally grown and produced coffee varieties account for only 1% of the diversity of wild coffee varieties on "motherland". But that was enough to make the whole world consume this drink wildly.

What is the secret of coffee? More importantly, how is a cup of coffee really good for your health?


Caffeine – the perfect diplomat      

Caffeine is a chemical compound that is soluble in both water (blood) and lipids (cell membranes). When separated from the beans, it is a white powder and we get “decaf” coffee. With flexible "diplomacy", caffeine easily follows the blood to the brain, creating effects on the nervous system.

Coffee helps us stay awake and productive by inhibiting sleep signals. The "protagonist" here is adenosine - a molecule in the brain that signals fatigue and the need to rest. With a similar appearance to adenosine, caffeine easily penetrates the receptors that are intended for adenosine and inhibits the activity of this compound.

When adenosine is temporarily disabled, dopamine - the happiness hormone also has a chance to increase its activity. From the above two things, coffee brings the perfect conditions to create excitement, full of energy in a short time from 4-6 hours.

How much caffeine is enough?

Vietnamese people are famous for their "hardcore" coffee with waves. But a good cup of coffee, rich in flavor, can still be a lot gentler than that. In addition, caffeine overload also causes the body to be intoxicated with coffee, which is not very pleasant.


According to the FDA, 200mg of caffeine is equivalent to a 30-minute nap. If you do not regularly drink caffeinated beverages, you will achieve maximum concentration with 200 mg and 400 mg with daily use. On average, a 237ml cup of coffee has about 80-100mg of caffeine.

In addition, we are advised not to drink coffee after 1 pm for a reason. Half of the world's population digests caffeine slowly - meaning it takes more than 10 hours for the body to fully metabolize caffeine intake.

Awareness of coffee's ability to cause disruption to the natural rhythm of life helps you adjust your drinking clock reasonably and increase work efficiency instead of losing sleep at night.

Phenol – a precious gift from coffee

Phenols are natural antioxidants found in coffee and many other plants. Coffee with phenol is not only delicious but also good for health.

With just one cup of this coffee, you'll find a rich, burnt coffee that can't compete with light roasted beans, with a clear brown color full of flavor and antioxidants.

Phenol, on the other hand, is red-hot and temperature-sensitive. If the coffee is roasted for too long, the temperature is too high, or the brewing water is too hot, the phenols will disappear.



So how to find phenol-rich coffee?

First, imagine you are a coffee tree and think when planted where does the tree need the strongest defense?

The answer is in the highlands, near the equator - where the ultraviolet rays are the most intense but also the lowest temperatures. In the face of harsh conditions, the tree must establish strong shields to become the perfect version, producing more and more nutritious coffee seeds with phenol content - a powerful antioxidant armor.

The cool climate in the highlands also makes the beans take longer to ripen, harder than those grown in the lowlands. This slow maturation process inadvertently adds a rich flavor to the coffee beans.

Here are some places of origin of phenol-rich coffee for you to easily "go to the market": Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Ethiopia and even Vietnam.

The above article Huongmai Cafe has references and supplements, hopes to provide useful information for you.