Da Lat weasel coffee farm - famous specialty coffee production site throughout the country. The dreamy, beautiful city of Da Lat has long been famous for its large and high quality coffee farms in Vietnam. Coffee has many special delicious flavors, in which weasel coffee is considered a great drink with an expensive price. Let's find out information about Da Lat weasel coffee farm with Huongmai Cafe in the article below.

Weasel coffee is a rare coffee with a very special harvesting and processing process to produce delicious and attractive products. In the world, there are many countries that grow weasel coffee, Vietnam is proud to be one of the rare countries that can grow this plant with excellent quality.

Da Lat city, Lam Dong province has a mild and cool climate, fertile and widespread land, people grow coffee into gardens and farms. When you come to visit, you will be able to witness with your own eyes, watch the garden grow, take care of coffee trees and harvest berries, and enjoy delicious, quality coffee beans at the production site.


Coffee and weasel may sound unrelated, but there is actually a whole story to be told that creates a strange attraction. Weasel is the name of Huong Voi civet, they look for large, ripe, undigested coffee berries that are released into the environment, farmers pick them up to process coffee to drink - specialty coffee which is very popular with foreign tourists.

Weasel coffee beans are always special in that they are stored in the stomach and processed by the infusion service, bringing with them nutrition and different flavors. Weasels are very intelligent, they are not omnivores, so the product they discharge is good, bringing "quality" coffee.

Coffee beans in the stomach thanks to the action of digestive enzymes to change the molecules inside. Harder, crisper coffee beans, less protein, reduce bitterness, creating a stronger flavor. People who enjoy and drink it all comment on the delicious weasel coffee taste, usually without adding sugar and ice, so that the pure taste will clearly feel the original taste of weasel coffee. The taste has a musty, greasy, rich, sweet taste, with a hint of caramel, chocolate, bitter but mild, and slowly melting in the mouth.


Weasel coffee is grown on a hill at an altitude of 1000m in Da Lat. The coffee beans are carefully selected, selected from the original Moka coffee beans, not crossbreeding. The coffee garden will be carefully cared for by farmers, harvested, selected and processed into excellent products according to strict processes, in accordance with modern technical standards. Of course, the presence of lovely ferrets is indispensable.

Vietnam is one of the major coffee producing countries in the world and is recognized for high-value weasel coffee. Many friends around the world have had the opportunity to enjoy and appreciate Vietnamese coffee. In Da Lat, when mentioning weasel coffee, people immediately think of large-scale production and growing areas. Building a weasel coffee farm in Da Lat, since then, a high-class weasel coffee brand has been launched, widely supplied to domestic and international markets.

With the criterion of creating clean products, mink coffee farms have developed a methodical care and nurturing plan. "On the one hand, providing delicious and exotic products to Vietnamese consumers, on the other hand, we expect the product to break into the world market." The farm only grows the original Moka coffee at an altitude of 1500m. Most of the coffee to the harvest is hand-picked.



As for ferrets, the farm's engineers designed an average 2m2 wide cage for a pair to make it easier for them to breed. Every day, food for mink is about 1000 VND each. To ensure the health of this animal, in the months with coffee, weasel will not eat coffee all the time, but every 3 days, other days will eat chicken porridge, sugar porridge, chicken, fruit... In addition, they are also regularly checked by veterinarians. Therefore, the production of weasel coffee is very small, so the price is quite high. That was understandable.

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