Traveling around the world, can feel the first, Vietnamese coffee - a memorable drink that can not be compared anywhere. Walk away enjoy coffee watching the streets of Hanoi. Perhaps, many people are neither born in Hanoi nor a true connoisseur of coffee, but Hanoi's long-standing cafes have an uncanny appeal to me, both personally domestic and foreign tourists when having the opportunity to visit this beautiful city. The feeling of sipping a cup of coffee in a tight space, by the busy street, the flow of people going back and forth keeps lingering in your head when you leave the city.

Hanoi not only has good coffee, but the cuisine of this land is always one of the topics of interest, creating the characteristics of the thousand-year-old capital. Hanoians often have the habit of sipping a cup of coffee in the morning, calmly and slowly. Behind every cup of coffee are endless stories, without beginning or end. Sipping hot coffee, they whispered to each other, listening to the northeast monsoon gently swaying on the roof, whistling by the window.

vietnamese-coffee-hanoi vietnamese-coffee-hanoi

Regardless of whether it is a child of the capital or a visitor from afar, they will always linger in the ancient town space and especially Hanoi coffee. People often say "Hanoi is not in a hurry" and in the way Hanoi people drink coffee, they are not in a hurry. Therefore, Hanoi coffee is like an interesting concert that captivates many generations of enthusiasts.

  1. How to enjoy coffee in Hanoi?

Entering the shop, quickly order a glass of brown ice, the same drink but Saigon people do not call it, but call it ice milk. Enjoying brown coffee in Hanoi will be more bitter and dense than iced milk coffee in Saigon.

Hanoians "connoisseurs" of coffee have a common opinion about a standard "hot brown" cup that "It must be filtered coffee according to the ratio of 2 coffee and 1 condensed milk to produce a thick mixture with a clear flavor clear and rich. Roasted coffee must be the latest, freshest, and qualified. The best coffee is in the first juice. The way to prepare coffee must be dense, with a slightly bitter taste to be delicious.


Indeed, coffee in Hanoi is always hard to resist.

  1. In Hanoi, where to drink coffee?

If Saigon people can drink coffee anywhere, from sidewalks to luxury shops, Hanoians often drink Hanoi coffee in quite simple shops. It can be a shop in the old town style or sitting with coffee right on the sidewalk, bringing something very street. This style of coffee is extremely loved by young people, a very unique culture of young people who have a great love for coffee.

The coffee culture of the Vietnamese in recent years is a culture of enjoyment in both taste and sight. People can sit for hours not only to enjoy a cup of coffee but also to enjoy the chill atmosphere of the shop, both enjoying their favorite drink and being able to relax. The price of a cup of coffee or any drink therefore also includes the cost of ingredients and service costs.

Many world-famous coffees have been imported into Vietnam such as Espresso, Cappuchino, Latte, etc. If in the past, everyone could easily make a cup of traditional coffee, now making coffee is an art. Not only admire the cafe space, customers also want to see the unique shape of a cup of coffee, see firsthand how the barista creates a quality cup of coffee. Indeed, coffee enjoyment is an art, the person who creates coffee cups is a true artisan.


Coffee cups with milk foam layers with eye-catching patterns that people can't bear to drink require baristas who are proficient in coffee machine techniques and shaping techniques on coffee cups. The concept of deliciousness with today's new culture of enjoyment is that it is not only delicious in quality, but also in appearance, it must be "delicious", not only in quality but also in form.

 It can be said that this is the reason why today's Vietnamese coffee culture is a culture of enjoyment in both taste and sight.

No one can explain since when coffee makes so many passions. Is it because the black-brown drink makes people more alert, thinking more things? Or is it because the new days appear, the moment waiting for each drop of coffee to leave the filter and fall into the cup makes people feel the taste of time and the value of waiting. Although the culture of enjoying coffee has changed a lot with the day-to-day development of society, strong, bitter, fragrant coffee cups... are always drinks that have never lost their place in the hearts of people Vietnamese coffee lover.



In the above article, Huongmai hopes that when you have the opportunity to visit Hanoi, don't forget to enjoy super delicious coffee in this land, as rumored, it will not disappoint you. And, don't forget, Huongmai's house always has coffee available for you to enjoy.