Heritage roasted coffee is known for the authentic taste of Vietnamese coffee as a unique heritage of Vietnam, which has contributed to the core value of the traditional coffee brand - Huongmai Cafe.

The rustic flavor of organic coffee mixed with the deep, gentle and seductive taste of Legendary Weasel coffee will make coffee lovers fall in love.

The quintessential coffee beans are grown naturally in the high mountains of Vietnam, creating organic coffee. Unique combination with legendary weasel coffee, Huongmai Cafe selected and roasted according to ancient methods has created a special, pure, natural, deep and gentle attractive coffee. This is a strong and passionate "heritage coffee".


Heritage ground coffee - "heritage" coffee: easy to see, this is a line of legacy filter-roasted coffee products and retains the pure natural coffee flavor, especially using only raw coffee. Robusta - Vietnam's Robusta coffee as the main raw material.

The Heritage product line carries Vietnamese characteristics from human values, tastes to the core. Heritage carries more characteristics of Robusta and is also a product exclusively for Vietnamese users, with a stronger, more bitter coffee flavor, but still sweet after drinking.


100% premium, pure Robusta beans       

Huongmai Cafe's Heritage Roasted Coffee is immersed in a strong Robusta flavor. And it is also a masterpiece that blends senses, perfect for the taste of Vietnamese people. It is a combination of deep and diffused smoke flavor with gentle cocoa flavor, subtly sweet taste of chocolate mixed with light alcohol. Heritage ground coffee is sure to please coffee connoisseurs who like the blend of original filter coffee flavors. Huongmai Cafe does not mix nuts, keeping the original flavor of organic coffee.

With ingredients carefully selected from quality Robusta coffee beans, combined with its own recipe, roasted and ground through perfect temperature, it brings the typical standard style of Vietnamese coffee but no less: strong and decisive. The product ensures food safety and hygiene, completely pure from coffee, without mixing additives, colorants, or odors.



We are committed, in each of our products, are selected from the best coffee beans from famous plantations in the highlands of Vietnam. Products of Huongmai Cafe are roasted and ground according to a very special traditional method by experienced roasters in the industry. With this type of coffee, the traditional filter method will help you clearly feel the traditional flavor from a warm cup of coffee with a rich aftertaste.

Huongmai Cafe hopes that through this article you will have more choices for yourself in finding the right coffee to enjoy. Each quality coffee will bring you great emotions. We - Huongmai Cafe always strive every day to bring out the best quality products to our customers. We look forward to serving you in the future. If you have a need for tea and coffee, please contact us immediately.


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