How to roast delicious coffee you should not miss

The story behind each cup of strong, delicious coffee is the enthusiasm and emotional content of so many people creating the black pearl. The process of roasting coffee seems to be a simple job, but it requires meticulousness and care in every step, cherishing each coffee bean to refine a cup of coffee full of flavor - the taste of passion. One of the most important steps is roasting the coffee. In the following article, Huongmai will reveal to you how to roast delicious coffee, so that the finished product is an attractive cup of coffee at home.


1. Coffee roasting is an art, a coffee roaster is an artist

If we consider coffee roasting as an art, a profession that requires meticulousness in each stage, it's not exaggerated. Along with the meticulous stages, much effort and trade-off have produced delicious coffee beans, blending and balancing the sweet, bitter, smooth and gentle flavors under the skillful hands of the artisan.

Coffee roasting is considered the first step to shape and extract the aroma of coffee beans. In order to have strong coffee beans that taste like a strong cup of black coffee or with a faint European-style wood smell, the artisan must consider adjusting the temperature so that it is very precise to each fire mark.


Why do you say that? To know that if roasted too thoroughly, it will be like a pot of rice, burnt to deodorize the coffee, and if it is too superficial, the taste is also extremely boring. Overdoing it and underdoing it both has its downsides. You should also note this.

It can be seen that the way to roast delicious coffee depends a lot on experience, this factor requires sophistication as well as understanding of the roaster's customer taste. Even if you are not an expert or artisan in roasting coffee, you can still learn the basic ways of roasting delicious coffee from experienced people in the profession and make your own cup of coffee delicious and nutritious for yourself to enjoy.

2. Basic way of roasting delicious coffee at home

Coffee roasting is of course a difficult job, requiring experience and expertise, but we can still roast ourselves to produce the most satisfactory coffee beans. It can be quite time consuming compared to using a modern coffee roaster like today, but you won't regret your hand-roasted coffee if you follow the instructions below and find that the effort your spending is totally worth it.


- Materials to prepare:

Coffee beans: You should choose pure coffee, be it Arabica or Robusta. However, each type of coffee will have a different roasting time. In addition, you need to prepare more butter, fish sauce, and brandy. These ingredients contribute to making the coffee more fat and richer than the original.

- Necessary tools:

+ Depending on the amount of coffee to roast, you should prepare a large or small pan, pot (depending on the volume of coffee beans you have).

+ Kitchen: Priority is given to using a wood stove for coffee to taste the most, if there is no wood stove, it can be roasted on a gas stove, electric stove, magnetic stove, ...

+ Blender or coffee grinder: Used to grind coffee when finished roasting.

- Implementation process:

+ Put the pan on the stove, pour the coffee into roasting with medium heat, stir well, avoid burning the coffee.

+ Remember to stir continuously and evenly, otherwise there will be an uneven black and white coffee situation. After about 10 minutes, the coffee beans will turn black.


+ After the coffee beans turn black, add butter, stir until completely dissolved, then turn off the stove. Next pour fish sauce and brandy into the pan, mix well.

Finally, leave the coffee pan to a ventilated place, so that the coffee cools quickly and has a long aroma. After the coffee has cooled, put it in the grinder, grind it thoroughly to make the coffee powder smooth. Pour into a glass or plastic jar and store in the refrigerator or in a dry place.

Huongmai wishes you success with this method!