HUONG MAI CAFE - Traditional brand of Vietnamese people. As a long-standing traditional brand, Huongmai Cafe never stops creating and improving to bring the best quality tea and coffee products to consumers. We always try every day, every hour to research and create new and more special products to deliver to our dear customers. Therefore, "Premium Jasmine Tea - Jasmine Tea" was born.

The following article Huongmai Cafe will introduce to you the 125g Premium Jasmine Tea with 100% green tea leaves - Good for health.


About JASMINE TEA BOX             

Outstanding features of Jasmine Tea Premium Jasmine Tea:

Ingredients: Green tea leaves, jasmine flowers

+ Taste: The perfect combination between the pure, gentle aroma of jasmine flowers with the slightly acrid and deep sweetness of Thai Nguyen tea.

+ Uses: Jasmine tea helps reduce stress, fatigue, makes users have moments of relaxation and especially helps to clear heat and effectively anti-aging.

Jasmine tea has long been a precious tea classified in the four great traditional tea names of Vietnam. Referring to jasmine tea, people will think of the famous jasmine tea in China. However, the processing methods as well as the ingredients are not the same. Vietnam's jasmine flowers are more fragrant and smaller, giving the finished product a richer flavor.



Jasmine tea is carefully selected from green tea petals, medium to medium range, not too old, not too young, combined with the faint scent of jasmine flowers blooming in the middle of the night to create a characteristic tea taste. which no other tea can compare.

The jasmine flowers only bloom at night, when the night mist covers the darkness, speckled with the white light of the jasmine flower. Perhaps that's why the scent of jasmine tea is so special as the way the jasmine flower was created.

With great care, passion, and enthusiasm for tea, we - Huongmai Cafe do not hesitate to learn and learn tea processing methods to give the quintessential, passionate flavor of jasmine tea. With a passion for Vietnamese agricultural products and a love for tea since the 1980s, we have launched jasmine tea products to the market, which are very popular with tea enthusiasts, making tea lovers nostalgic and passionate.

Huongmai Cafe's golden commitment

Huongmai Cafe is committed to constantly trying and developing to give consumers quality, environmentally friendly and healthy products. We process orders within the same day, pack products securely, carefully, enthusiastic consulting team, quick support

Such a luxurious and sophisticated tea is more widely used today than ever thanks to its convenience as well as its unique health benefits for each of us. Make life more alive and full of value with every morning cup of jasmine tea.


Product introduction: Huongmai Cafe is a premium tea brand that prides itself on providing products with clear origin from the raw material areas that are surveyed and tested for quality according to the highest standards and ensuring hygiene and safety. whole food. Processed and impregnated by traditional methods from experienced artisans. Ingredients from 100% young and fresh tea leaves. Huong Mai has produced tea batches with quintessential but very rustic flavor from pure Vietnamese tea leaves.

Huongmai Cafe hopes this article will be useful to you. Hope you find a product that suits your taste. Wish you have happy tea moments.