Canh Dieu Joint Stock Company is an enterprise specializing in the production and processing of roasted and ground coffee products, instant coffee, tea products, and especially, in the future the company will produce weasel coffee products legend in dissolved form.

With modern machinery and equipment, along with a professional production management team and a highly skilled technical team. The company brings products with high and stable quality, fast delivery schedule, reasonable price to meet the requirements and needs of customers.

The strength that makes Huong Mai Cafe and Hat A Cafe brands different and classy are: Specialization in each department, high responsibility and technical supervision who work seriously and carefully to create The products are perfected to the smallest detail, to bring out the sophistication on each product.


With the motto "Cooperation for mutual success" and the orientation of "Continuous improvement", we have always made great efforts in terms of human and material resources, building brand reputation, trust with customers with our products we provide. The trust and support of customers will be a great source of encouragement on the way of the company's development.

Worthy of the name "The most expensive drink on the planet", unique attractive taste, 1-0-2 production method. Weasel coffee never disappoints those who enjoy it. What made this drink famous? The answer is extremely simple. That is the taste. Weasel coffee has a special delicious and attractive flavor compared to any other coffee in the world. All senses are awakened when you enjoy a cup of weasel coffee. You will have to say in amazement, “Awesome.”


Society is developing day by day, people become busy and get caught up in the cycle of work. Instant weasel coffee is expected to be one of the favorite drinks because of its convenience. We take the natural factor as the core, producing from natural weasel coffee the quintessence of the mountains and forests of Tay Nguyen of Vietnam. The original taste of coffee is pure, unadulterated, without additional flavorings, full of charm. The design will be packaged in the form of a convenient stick for busy people, office workers, extremely suitable for picnic trips.

Weasel coffee in soluble form is extracted from roasted coffee beans that meet export standards. Suitable for people who are busy but still want to enjoy coffee every day. Instant weasel coffee has a mild aroma of fine weasel coffee, blended with the inherent fatty aroma, when drinking, you can add sugar or milk as you like, giving you an interesting experience, suitable for everyone audience, people with a taste for sophisticated coffee.

Every cup of instant weasel coffee is also a work of art. To satisfy the most demanding coffee connoisseurs, we try to take care from packaging image to product quality. The closed production process and exclusive roasting formula, especially modern fine grinding technology, help to fully protect the mild bitter taste and elegant sweetness typical of the world famous weasel coffee.



Weasel coffee is a wonderful surprise gift of nature. So enjoying weasel coffee is also enjoying the quintessence of heaven and earth. Just a small sip of weasel coffee is enough to erase the space, no longer the daily chaos, only the light and refreshing feeling like standing in the middle of a thousand old forests and green plateaus, like being in love. Love is bitter, sweet, bitter enough to make you passionate for a lifetime.

Instant weasel coffee tastes better when it contributes to every moment of life. Is it when alone or when gathering, is every morning or evening, is sipping leisurely or in a hurry… At each moment, each story, we always convey our individuality. All are unmistakable, unforgetable.