Coffee has long been a popular and loved drink in Vietnam, especially, this type of coffee is easy to prepare and transform to produce many new and unique flavors. And salted coffee is one of the innovative recipes of this drink. If you are looking to learn how the unique taste of salted coffee is, don't ignore the best way to make salted coffee that Huongmai has collected and added through the article below.

Do you know the effects of salted coffee?        

Salt coffee is a new way to prepare, instead of using sugar, condensed milk ... mixed with coffee as usual, use salt or add salt, reducing the amount of sweet ingredients to make. This concoction will give a passionate aroma and a salty taste, which is strange and stimulating.

Salted coffee is known as a specialty of dreamy Hue, born in a garden cafe located on Nguyen Luong Bang street nearly 10 years ago. The origin of this coffee is as simple as that. Not many people care too much about the inspiration leading to this combination because all have been conquered by the taste.

Salted coffee, if used in the right dosage, will bring many positive benefits to health and spirit.


Why add salt to coffee?

Reduce bitterness

Salt has the main ingredient sodium, this element has the ability to neutralize bitterness more effectively than any sweet ingredients such as sugar, milk, fresh cream... When enjoying salted coffee, the taste will be deceived by the taste. Salty loses the bitter taste of coffee.

Create a new unique taste

Salt not only helps reduce the bitterness of coffee, but also helps to evoke a stronger flavor. Not only that, when using salt, you can reduce the number of sweet ingredients, thereby helping to reduce blood sugar, good for people with blood sugar disease.


How to make delicious salted coffee        

  1. Prepare ingredients

Pure ground coffee: 3 teaspoons – about 15g

Fine salt (table salt): teaspoon – about 2.5g

Condensed milk: 25ml

Hot water


Tools: coffee filter, porcelain/glass cup, spoon…

  1. Implementation steps

Step 1: Mix the powdered coffee and fine salt together.

Step 2: Put condensed milk into a glass, put the coffee filter on the cup.

Step 3: Put the coffee powder mixture into the filter, shake / spread the coffee powder evenly into the filter, put the lid on the powder.

Step 4: Slowly add about 20ml of boiling water into the coffee filter, pay attention to pour evenly all over the filter surface, so that the powder is evenly expanded, cover the filter.

Step 5: Pour about 50ml more boiling water into the filter, let the coffee drip slowly until it is equal to the amount of condensed milk.

Step 6: Stir the milk and coffee together to be able to enjoy.


Note to make salted coffee more delicious      

To enhance the aroma of coffee and give it the best taste when enjoying, when making salted coffee, you need to pay attention to 2 things:

Coffee ingredients:

Called salt coffee, the main ingredient is coffee. Good, quality and delicious main ingredients will determine whether the coffee after brewing is attractive, stimulating or not.

Therefore, you should choose ground coffee for instant brewing to keep the taste better. If using pre-ground coffee, you should choose branded, original, 100% pure coffee to use.

Filter and water for making coffee:         

Coffee needs a hot temperature to bloom and stimulate the aroma, so use old boiling water to make salted coffee stronger.

Because boiling water is used, the temperature will be high, using a good quality aluminum filter will help ensure safety and peace of mind.

How to enjoy Vietnamese standard salted coffee

Salt coffee has a different way of enjoying it compared to other types of coffee. You should use it immediately after making it to feel its best taste, or add ice to chill and enjoy.