I. Introduction

Cold Brew coffee is a drink that is gaining popularity recently. Let's learn how to make this special drink with Huongmai! For those who do not know, Cold Brew coffee is very simple, you need to pour water over the coffee powder stored in an airtight jar, keep the heat and wait. Of course, these are the basics, but to make a good cold brew, you'll need to know a lot more.

The quality of coffee will depend on what type of coffee you use, from here, the Cold Brew coffee flavor extracted will also have a very attractive natural sour taste, with a hint of fruit, orange or strawberry flavor forest. And to enjoy the true flavor, characteristic of Cold Brew coffee, you should use it right after filtering the coffee, it will be better if enjoyed with less ice.

In addition, you can mix some other ingredients such as sugar or unsweetened fresh milk, depending on each person's preference.


Materials to prepare:

• Pre-roasted coffee beans: 250 grams

• Cold water 2.5 liters Tools: coffee pot, filter, glass jar (for finished products), bean grinder (or coffee grinder), …

II. Doing

1. Grind coffee

You can use a grain-based blender (or a professional coffee grinder is better). Start grinding the number of prepared coffee beans, you don't need to grind too fine.

2. Mixing

Alternately add cold water and coffee to the slow cooker, then use a stirrer, gently stirring to make the water gradually infuse into the coffee powder.

Note: For every 50 grams of coffee powder, you should soak it with 500ml of cold water.


3. Brewing coffee

You should use a clean cloth or towel to cover the mouth of the pot and soak the coffee in cold water for about 12-24 hours (1/2 day - 1 day), the steeping time will depend on the flavor you want. What is achieved. Note: The longer you soak the coffee powder in cold water, the more coffee will be extracted, and from there, the natural sour taste will be born more than ever.

4. Distilling every drop of coffee

After soaking the coffee to get the right taste, you should use a filter cotton layer (or filter cloth) and proceed to filter the coffee grounds to get the finished coffee to enjoy.

5. Finished product

Depending on the type of coffee you use, the Cold Brew blend is extracted with a natural sour taste, mixed with fruit, orange or raspberry flavors. To enjoy the true flavor of Cold Brew coffee, you should use it right after filtering the coffee, better when drinking cold and mixing with a little ice. In addition, you can mix some other ingredients such as specialized sugar for coffee or fresh milk depending on your preference.


III. Some note

1. Coffee powder grind size

Cold Brew and filter methods are aimed at making different types of coffee. What if you use coffee that's too dark or too fine to make Cold Brew? Your coffee will smell more oily and bitter, making the original flavor mixed with other "fresh" flavors completely obscured. Besides, it also causes grit in the mouth because there are many fine powders still floating in the coffee water. You can use an additional filter to remove some oil and fine powder with the desire to have a more elegant Cold Brew coffee. The perfect grind size for Cold Brew is medium coarse. In terms of size, the beans used to make Cold Brew coffee must be twice the size of the beans used to make traditional filters.

2. Amount of coffee powder

If you want to drink it directly, keeping the original taste, you will use about 40g of coffee powder with 400ml of water (1:10 ratio). If you want to use it with milk or ice, you should reduce the ratio to 1:7 to make the coffee more flavorful.

3. Water temperature

If you want your coffee to have more sweetness, brew it with water at a higher temperature than usual. Incubate coffee with hot water to bloom for about 10 minutes before pouring in cold water, which will make the taste and coffee become clearer. And if you want your coffee to have a more sour taste, you can simply skip brewing with hot water and store the coffee in the fridge once you've had enough water.


4. Extraction time

The longer the brewing time, the more bitter the coffee will taste. Practically true for all forms of coffee extraction and the Cold Brew method is no exception. If you put the Cold Brew in the refrigerator for 8 - 12 hours, the coffee will have a dominant taste of sweet and sour, harmoniously combined. The longer you leave it on, the more sweetness will increase, but if it's too long, the water will begin to take out the bitter flavors in the coffee.

Hope the above article will help you update your coffee knowledge every day. Huongmai wishes you success with these excellent coffees from this Cold Brew method.