Since the 9th century, the Ethiopian highlanders have found and used coffee for the first time, their preparation method is simple: put the coffee beans in a large iron pan, roast them dry, then crushed by placing in a mortar and pounding. Then take the residue, mix it with sugar and cook it in a pot with a handle, pour it into a bowl and enjoy.

It also shows us that, although the way of making coffee in the past and modern coffee is different because technology is increasingly developed and modernized, there are many modern machines and equipment to serve. For making coffee, but the way to prepare coffee is probably exactly the same: The coffee stays in water until it is cooked, giving the finished product a delicious, characteristic taste and tools for making coffee. It's also simple: water, fire, a kettle, a filter.

Coffee came to Vietnam during World War 2 when the French invaded our country, coffee is translated from French: "Cafe", coffee trees are widely grown in plantations along the curved land letter S. Currently, coffee is still one of the most important agricultural products of Vietnam. Vietnam is also the second largest coffee exporter in the world.


In the old days, there were only two ways to prepare and enjoy coffee in Vietnam: with a racket in the Chinese way or with a filter in the way of the Westerners. Ancient Vietnam used to use the Chinese way, coffee was soaked in a rack in a clay pot and always kept hot on a flaming charcoal stove.

Currently, if you take the time to observe, compact cafes or people call them toad cafes, this coffee making style has also been slightly improved but still retains the old features, instead of a kitchen. coal is already a gas stove, powdered coffee is wrapped in many layers of mosquito netting and completely soaked in water, the old earthenware kettle has been replaced by large aluminum kettles, then the mosquito nets are thrown away, coffee can easily be heated with a fast, even fire of a gas stove. In other crowded shops, just change the coffee in the mosquito net, add more water and the gas stove is never turned off, serving customers also happens quickly, customers don't have to wait long.

In Vietnam, no matter where, at any time, it is easy to see a few people enjoying coffee in a cafe. Coffee connoisseurs often drink black coffee, some don't even drink it with sugar, it is said: "When drinking black coffee without sugar, you can feel the sweetness in the bitter, acrid taste of coffee. It's called feeling coffee, if you drink coffee and add milk or remove ice, you will lose the inherent flavor of coffee."


The old filter coffee and today's filter coffee have the same preparation method, but the difference is only the barista's secret: mixing different types of coffee together to create a unique flavor of each shop. In Vietnam, perhaps, the unique feature of coffee is that each different coffee shop has a completely different coffee taste.

Coffee - an indispensable part of the spiritual life of Vietnamese people

Currently, a lot of new ways of making coffee, cappuccino, espresso, latte macchiato... are prepared by luxury cafes in the Western way. Therefore, Vietnam's coffee culture is also developing constantly, luxury cafes with many unique coffee-making techniques have sprung up, service methods are also increasingly improved, polite and courteous to customers many prices: from an average of 12-15.000VNĐ a glass, 30-35.000 a glass, even some shops up to a hundred thousand. Coffee shops are present all over the streets, spreading to every corner and becoming a typical Vietnamese culture, unmistakable.


Besides the traditional ways of preparing coffee, machine coffee is also gradually becoming a new trend of coffee lovers, integrating with the flow of "Vietnamese coffee culture" because of their convenience and speed.

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