It can be said that organic coffee is one of the types of coffee that many people are interested in today. So what is organic roasted coffee beans? What do you know about this coffee? Let's learn some information about this coffee with Huongmai Cafe.

  1. What is organic coffee?

Organic coffee is a 100% high quality coffee product from natural coffee beans, cultivated according to organic agricultural methods. Coffee trees will be grown on clean land, saying no to the use of pesticides or any synthetic fertilizers or chemicals. Growers only use manual measures in the process of caring, processing and using microbial fertilizers to fertilize plants.



  1. Standards of organic coffee

Organic farming                

In the world today, many countries are implementing organic farming methods. Organic farming is to create a favorable environment for plants to grow according to nature, to ensure that there is no impact of any chemical factors.

The process of organic coffee cultivation must always be strictly controlled. The two most important factors in organic coffee farming are soil and water availability. Ensure the environment, soil and water sources are clean and free of chemicals for the most favorable growth. Maintain favorable natural conditions – natural enemies to destroy pests for plants.


Clean roasting process

Organic roasted coffee beans are simply coffee products. Organic coffee must be roasted, ground with a process completely separate from other types of coffee. Absolutely do not use any other additives, ingredients and fragrances.

Safe storage      

On the market today, there are many units that provide smart packaging products, it will help us limit the use of plastic and plastic bags. Instead, there are products made from agricultural products, easy to decompose, environmentally friendly and without chemicals. This also ensures that the coffee is unchanged in quality, taste and safety.

Prepare clean coffee                       

To ensure a quality coffee and organic standards, it is imperative that proper procedures are in place during the preparation process. Good coffee must be pure coffee, grown to organic standards. Making organic coffee is clean in both preliminary processing, saying no to colorants, odors and flavors.



It can be said that organic coffee is very good for health, but not every roaster can guarantee that the amount of coffee sold to the market is "clean" enough. Therefore, be wise consumers in selecting and sourcing "organic" coffee, contributing to increasing the value of black pearls in Vietnamese coffee culture.

The above article Huongmai Cafe hopes to provide you with information about organic coffee and choose a reputable address to buy quality coffee products. Huongmai Cafe is looking forward to serving you, bringing the best quality products to customers around the world.


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