Did you know, in addition to the immune cells that gather in the intestines, this place also contains up to 95% of the hormone serotonin - a hormone that gives us a feeling of joy and happiness. That is why the intestinal tract must be taken care of carefully. With the addition of probiotic bacteria to the body every day, it not only supports a healthy digestive system, increases resistance, but also improves morale. 

Will drinking coffee help supplement probiotics every day? Have you tried yet? Do not miss the useful information of Huongmai through the article below. 



Digestive system problems of Vietnamese people

The scientific conference "Establishing a global microbiome network" raised a current concern in Vietnam, that is, the number of people suffering from gastrointestinal diseases is increasing due to pollution. environment, food insecurity and especially stemming from unscientific eating and living habits.

Meanwhile, statistics at some hospitals show that gastrointestinal diseases are at the top of the list of medical diseases in Vietnam. The real number of people infected with diseases related to the digestive tract is up to nearly 10% of the population, from mild such as constipation, digestive disorders, belching, to more severe such as stomach ulcers, irritable bowel syndrome, etc. enteritis and cancer.


Digestive diseases, whether severe or mild, also greatly affect the quality of life of patients. Therefore, we need to pay attention to our diet as well as healthy foods to "reduce the burden" and protect our digestive system.

One of the natural ways to protect the digestive system that we can do simply is to supplement with probiotics, which help strengthen the  immune system and support digestive system function.

Supplementing with probiotics - the "smartest" way to protect the digestive system 

Recent scientific studies have shown that the composition and changes of the intestinal microflora play an extremely important role in the body's immunity and the stability of the human digestive system. Therefore, the addition beneficial intestinal bacteria - probiotics is a really effective solution that is of interest to scientists.

Probiotics are extremely important factors to ensure that people have a healthy digestive system. However, in the environment of the digestive system, probiotics are easily eliminated by stomach acid or decrease in effectiveness over time. That's why they are included in convenient products in daily life such as drinking yogurt, tea, instant coffee... to preserve the positive values ​​for the health of users. 


Supplementing with probiotics every day for the body is very necessary, tea and coffee deserve to be on the list of products to choose. In addition to providing probiotics for the body, they also bring you alertness, positive energy regeneration every day, study and work become more effective and productive than ever.

The information above Huongmai Cafe has references, corrections and supplements. Hopefully the article will bring you useful knowledge, the right way to supplement probiotics to bring health benefits every day.