If they are a child born and raised in the heart of Hanoi, when going away they will remember the most is the space of the street and coffee. If you are a tourist from far away, they will be curious to discover the coffee culture of this Kinh Ky land - Hanoi, so let's explore the modern and ancient cafes in Hanoi with us.

People often say a funny saying "Hanoi can't be in a hurry" and in Hanoi coffee culture is the same "Drinking Hanoi coffee is not in a hurry". In the remix of the land of Hanoi thousand years of civilization, Hanoi coffee is like an interesting and colorful symphony that creates a "very Hanoi" coffee culture.



On gloomy days, if you want to find some peace for yourself, people will look to the old things. In Hanoi's Old Quarter, beautiful cafes with a soul that never gets old always have a very special attraction, giving customers a lasting attachment and nostalgia. Join Huongmai Cafe to name unique old town cafes - a peaceful corner to soothe your soul on days when your heart is not very simple.

What's in an old Hanoi-style coffee shop besides a cup of capital-style coffee? It is an ancient signboard, rustic wooden tables on both sides of the wall. It is a golden wall with the artistic vintage words "Hanoi is here", "Come to Hanoi to make brown cups" for young people to check-in. That space inside the shop has the color of time, making people nostalgic about the old years.

  1. Giang coffee

Do you often hang out with your friends over coffee? Sometimes I see middle-aged men, leaning against the wall, crossing their legs, sipping coffee and taking a puff of pipe tobacco... That's what Giang brings, close and real. With walls peeling paint, old cups, tables and chairs are clear in time, but it looks very good, very suitable for a quiet and relaxing old town corner.



People often tease each other that Giang coffee...as if there was no separation. The shop's own thing that attracts guests is not the space or the decor, but its own egg: egg brown, egg green bean powder, egg cocoa... it's hard to describe a great drink. Contained in a small cup, sometimes dark brown combined with bright yellow, creating the characteristic flavor of greasy egg coffee, dissolving the bitter taste in the mouth.

The sophistication of the shop is not only because it is old-fashioned, but also because of the unique egg coffee taste that cannot be replicated anywhere else in Giang. Meticulously hand-beaten coffee, fat eggs mixed with bitter sweetness, the taste of this coffee is really hard to resist.

  1. The Hanoi House Cafe

The Hanoi House Cafe has a bold atmosphere of old Hanoi in a small shop in the center of the old town. Setting foot on the old stairs, you feel like entering an old house. Sitting at Hanoi House, you can enjoy watching the streets of Hanoi peacefully. The decorations at the restaurant are very harmonious and delicate. Old Hanoi coffee shop gives you a very close, cozy and friendly feeling.

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  1. Huong Mai Cafe

Due to the rather stressful epidemic situation, since the outbreak appeared, the coffee shops on the old town of Huong Mai's house have been temporarily closed. But dear customers of Huongmai Cafe, don't worry because we still have coffee available to serve you through online sales channels, or you can order directly on Huongmai's official website.



Huongmai believes that, even if you have the opportunity to enjoy coffee in many different cultures, Vietnamese coffee still has an ancient feature that captivates tourists every time they leave this beautiful city. If you have a chance to come to Hanoi, don't miss enjoying coffee in the old town and share it with us.