Up to now, the tourism and coffee industries still have a lot of unexplored cooperation opportunities. Tourism activities will contribute to the development of the coffee industry, and the story of coffee culture will become a highlight to attract domestic and foreign tourists every time they set foot in Vietnam. Read the article below with Huongmai Cafe to learn about coffee tourism in this beautiful country.

Coffee becomes "ambassador" to attract tourists?

Vietnam is the world's leading country in terms of production and quality of Robusta coffee. Many roasters around the world use Vietnamese coffee beans, the truth is that every cup of delicious coffee that the world's consumers are enjoying has more or less origin from Vietnam. This is a very proud achievement. However, the coffee industry and tourism have not been closely linked to bring about greater and more sustainable benefits.


The tourism and coffee industries still have a lot of unexplored opportunities. With a large number of people in the world who are in love and passionate about coffee, many of them are willing to come to Vietnam to learn the deep meaning of this very special drink. Coffee is known as one of the most valuable agricultural commodities in the world. Vietnamese coffee is a famous agricultural commodity in the world in terms of quality and quantity in export turnover.

Huongmai Cafe was present in the coffee market in the 1980s, bringing the traditional values ​​of Vietnamese people closer to domestic and foreign tourists. We - Huongmai Cafe always strive to bring the best quality and value products to satisfy even the most demanding customers globally. Every time tourists have the opportunity to visit Vietnam, they will definitely visit Hanoi Old Quarter, where, at 15 Hang Manh, we have a small coffee shop, cozy enough, displaying products. and serve drinks including coffee, tea,... a variety of drinks suitable for all audiences.


According to the Vietnam Coffee and Cocoa Association, our country is currently the second largest coffee exporter in the world after Brazil, with a total annual export volume of about 1.6-1.8 million tons, with a turnover of about 2.6 - 2.8 billion USD. Coffee tourism is one of the emerging trends of Vietnam tourism. In order to bring the values ​​of coffee into tourism and give visitors a deeper experience of the local culture, in Vietnam, especially in the Central Highlands, coffee tours have been put into operation. Visitors can visit the Coffee Farm, the World Coffee Museum in Buon Me Thuot city, coffee villages, enjoy coffee, visit the production process of weasel coffee - a typical coffee species of Vietnam, learn about coffee trees, types of coffee, how to care for coffee trees, shop for different types of coffee...

Vietnamese coffee is mainly grown in the provinces in the Central Highlands, with a relatively cool climate, rich natural resources and unique cultural characteristics. The Central Highlands is home to 47 ethnic groups, with unique cultural values ​​from architecture, living features, customs, practices and festivals. Exploiting the strength of coffee in tourism is also exploiting the typical cultural beauty of the Central Highlands.



Coffee plays an important role in the culture and history of Vietnam, producing the best coffee beans in the world, becoming a must-visit tourist destination for lovers of the popular drink. This translates to experiencing the culture of growing, processing, and preparing coffee. Information on coffee tourism such as: developing coffee tourism associated with community tourism, methods of building a coffee cultural space, linkages between stakeholders in the construction and promotion of coffee tourism products coffee, prospects for cooperation in developing coffee tourism between countries,...

Through this article, from the perspective of Huongmai Cafe, hope it is useful in providing you with information on the topic of travel coffee.