Where there is tea, there is peace.

People often go to inherently bustling places like bars and pubs to find themselves bustling. And there are people, the place they want to go most is a familiar corner in a small alley. But in that place, there is a lot of peace for them to pack and bring back. It is me. Entering the tea shop, the first thing that impressed me was the scent of the teas, an extremely relaxing feeling. The tea shop displays products, the house has nothing but tea. The flower tea shop that I went to, just heard it, smells good. Where there is tea, there is peace. That's true. It's already noisy outside. With tea company, our souls are saved. Do you know the origin of the afternoon tea party?


The "luxury" origin of the afternoon tea party Afternoon Tea began to appear around the middle of the 19th century in England. This elegant hobby was initiated by the seventh Duchess of Bedford, Anna Maria, when she began drinking tea and cake in the late afternoon to shorten the interval between meals. This idea of hers has been responded by many British aristocrats and enjoying afternoon tea, relaxing in the English garden full of flowers has become a tradition of the nobles of the misty land!


There are many variations of tea parties, but the two most basic types are Afternoon tea (afternoon tea) from about 2 to 5 hours and High tea (late tea) with a time from 4 to 6 hours. An English tea party usually features a fine teapot served with delicious pastries, beautifully decorated and meticulously crafted. The type of tea in English afternoon teapots is usually black tea, which has a slightly bitter taste and is not easy to enjoy. However, if anyone is addicted to true British black tea, it will be easy to crush. Afternoon tea cups and teapots are usually quite large, made of high-quality ceramic and have a delicate European pattern. Traditional English afternoon tea when used tea people often put sugar in the cup first, then a thin slice of lemon and absolutely never drink with lemon juice or milk.


I really hope this information is useful to you. No matter what time you drink tea, hope you have moments of relaxation. In our Huong Mai, there is not only delicious tea but also a peaceful space for you to take refuge after long and tiring days. Be more loving and gentle with yourself!