Tea is the most popular and influential drink worldwide. For a long time, tea with people has an invisible but profound connection. Although a simple and rustic cup of tea contains a cultural quintessence and to create a good cup of tea, it takes a long process from processing to making tea.

Asians see tea as a beverage that is not only for drinking, refreshment or for ordinary communication, but is elevated to a noble dignity carrying the quintessence of a culture. And it's also a light bar drink containing the kind of simple happiness that anyone can feel.


The typical tea culture of Vietnamese people in the 18th - 19th centuries was popular with the concept of "Tra no - Tuu tuong", which can be understood as follows: "... drinking wine must be luxurious and majestic like a general who has just won the battle, banning monks from the war, there are soldiers in front of the army who cheer for them, there are children who drink wine to donate wine; but on the contrary, when drinking tea, one must consider oneself as a servant of this elegant beverage…”. Therefore, the Confucianists in this period often had a disdainful view of those who drank tea but had to let the servants make tea, that is, they did not make tea in the style of "tra no". Gradually becoming sticky, today in Vietnamese families, the man still keeps the habit of making tea by himself, his wife and children only support by heating the thermos that is available.

Vietnamese people drink tea without excessive pressure on etiquette, do not overuse artistic performance, because it is easy to lose the "pure" virtue needed when enjoying tea. That the Vietnamese honor the principle of nature, honor the spirit of nature; integrate the true qi of tea with water, of water with heaven and earth. The sweet and bitter aftertaste, once deposited on the tip of the tongue, will automatically release the human mind. And connoisseurs of tea will feel the virtue of the connoisseur to respect, the natural religion that becomes between the host and the guest. Moral indoctrination is not an exaggeration.


Cherish the delicious cup of tea, waiting for your soul mate. In the eyes of tea lovers, each type of tea has a different quality, but each person's favorite type of tea depends on that person's personal preferences, depending on his or her mood and time of enjoying tea. Each person, each type of tea is different, at different times, it will cause people to enjoy tea different feelings and interpretations.

The tea taste is invisible but profound. Life is like 3 cups of tea: Bitter like life, sweet like love, light like the breeze. Make tea, know your temperament. Drink tea, know the taste. Discussing tea, knowing the mind... Each person likes tea for different reasons, for the sake of frugality, for the sweetness, for the bitterness, for the lightness, for the taste...


Drinking tea is a kind of enjoyment that makes both body and mind relaxed and happy. Pure tea, calm mind. Use a calm mind to feel pure tea, use pure tea to cultivate a calm mind. Just like "The outside mind is no Buddha", the tea ceremony does not carry many profound theories. Use the mind to make tea, use sincerity and sincerity towards people, the fragrance lingers around.

It can be seen that tea is like a simple but ethereal happiness. Drinking tea as a way to express your feelings for life, making a cup of tea, feeling the natural flavor emanating from the tea leaves, suddenly feeling at peace with the hustle and bustle of life. Enjoying a delicious cup of tea in a quiet space, next to the birdsong, surrounded by the rustling sound of leaves, nothing is more wonderful. If you love the traditional and rustic features of the Vietnamese people, we - Huongmai Cafe always strive to bring you the best quality tea products.