Each type of coffee has a different flavor and color. And even more attractive when mixing many types of coffee together in a certain ratio will produce extremely special and unmistakable coffee flavors.

Good coffee creates delicious and right-tasting drinks. If you want the best coffee, nothing compares to the whole bean roasting method that many coffee brands are using today. Roasted coffee beans fragrant and ground into a fine powder will ensure to preserve the original flavor and inherent delicious taste.

Let's go with Huongmai Cafe to learn what you need to know about coffee flavor and how to process and preserve coffee to keep its delicious taste for the longest time.


Typical coffee flavors         

  1. “Ca phe che”: is the Vietnamese name of Arabica coffee including two popular types, Catimor and Moka. Arabica accounts for more than 60% of the world coffee market because of its top rated quality and taste. The characteristics of this line are low caffeine content, and mild delicious taste, suitable for industrial coffee production.
  2. “Ca phe voi”: is the Vietnamese name for Robusta coffee and accounts for about 35% of the world's total coffee consumption. “Voi” coffee is easier to grow than tea coffee, the time to grow beans lasts 3 to 4 times longer than coffee and tea and has a higher amount of caffeine, so it is a more popular coffee line with a low price, only half the price of Arabica coffee. That said, the taste of Robusta is stronger and not as pure as that of Arabica, so it is not appreciated as much as Arabica.
  3. “Ca phe mit”: is the Vietnamese name of the Liberian coffee line. Liberia has larger and longer seeds than Abarica and Robusta, and also has a characteristic sour taste. In the Western coffee market, this coffee is quite popular, and it is used by blending with Arabica to create an attractive sour taste in the cup of coffee.


Notes when processing and preserving coffee flavor

Using pure roasted coffee beans will help you keep the original flavor of the coffee. Roast on medium heat and stir by hand, use a blender to grind it into a fine powder, then store the powder in a glass jar with a lid to keep it fresh for a long time.

Coffee powder after opening must be used up within 2 weeks to ensure the same quality, not oxidized or wet leading to loss of delicious coffee flavor. And it's better to drink wherever you go, roast and grind, so that the coffee is fresh and delicious.


If you are a coffee connoisseur, you should prepare at home all 3 lines of Arabica, Robusta, and Liberian coffee so that you can mix them together in certain proportions to create a valuable cup of coffee. Each type has a different flavor and coffee concentration is also different, so when brewing, it is important to choose one original coffee flavor and another flavor to add seasoning, similar to how Westerners do. Western wedge Liberia into Arabica so.

Through this article, Huongmai Cafe hopes everyone should equip themselves with what they need to know about coffee flavor to become a discerning coffee user, always choosing the right quality coffee flavor for themselves best.