Do you know what those 3 dishes are? Let's capture the information below with Huongmai Cafe. Recently, CNN reported that Vietnamese bread, pho and coffee were among the top 50 best street foods in Asia in an article published on August 23.

Listing the 50 best street foods in Asia, CNN writer Kate Springer said, Asian street food offers variety and lots of flavors. In particular, visitors to Vietnam cannot miss the opportunity to enjoy 3 special dishes including:

  1. Vietnamese bread

CNN said that the French may have imported baguettes into Vietnam, but the famous banh mi is a unique creation of Vietnam.

Like many dishes on the list, according to CNN, the ingredients of Vietnamese bread are diverse, varying from region to region and locality. However, in general, Vietnamese bread is a classic combination of spring rolls, pickles, coriander, chili and a layer of pate inside a crispy bread.

This has become a very popular dish, loved by all diners, regardless of gender, age or class.


  1. Iced Coffee

Vietnam's iced coffee can be hawked, in cafes or sold on the street pavement. In Vietnam, coffee can be enjoyed in many ways: black coffee, milk coffee or coffee with a little sugar or combined with rich coconut milk.

Coffee has never known so close and familiar to Vietnamese people. The bitter, dark taste on the tip of the tongue, the soft aroma, the earthy smell spreading over the cup of coffee makes people intoxicated and ecstatic.

And just like that, coffee enters the hearts of Vietnamese people lovingly and gently. People enjoy coffee while working, when meeting - discussing with partners, when chatting with friends, relatives... Coffee plays a significant part in the spiritual life and work of each person people.

This drink gradually becomes one of the typical Vietnamese culture. Tourists from all over the world every time they have the opportunity to visit this country want to enjoy the typical taste, very Vietnamese taste.


  1. Vietnamese “Pho”

According to CNN, very few street foods can compete with internationally renowned “pho”. Street food stalls and cafes combine to serve “pho” - a seemingly rustic dish of Vietnamese people but loved by international friends.

This Vietnamese cuisine is famous for its fragrant, sweet broth, chewy noodle soup and soft, delicious meat (beef or chicken). Depending on your preferences, visitors can eat “pho” with a variety of side dishes such as herbs of all kinds, depending on the region will eat different vegetables, bean sprouts, lemon, chili sauce, fresh chili ...


The irresistible taste of this dish is really memorable, tourists will definitely enjoy it again if they have the opportunity to visit Vietnam. Part of it is passed on to each other, partly they feel and appreciate this “pho”.

It is an honor and pride when 3 Vietnamese dishes are favored and ranked in the top 50 most delicious dishes in Asia. This is a good sign, bringing Vietnamese culinary culture closer to international friends.