In Vietnam, when it comes to coffee, people often think of the coffee capital of the Central Highlands with two famous types of coffee: Robusta in DakLak and Arabica in Lam Dong. And a little-known coffee cradle is Khe Sanh, Quang Tri.

From the variety in coffee classification, the growing area is also one of the factors that determine the quality of coffee beans. Going through the processing stages will produce different types of coffee, instant coffee, powdered coffee depending on the needs and purposes of the user. Having quality ingredients, we also need to know how to make it to get the perfect cup of coffee.

Currently, in Vietnam, there are two main types of coffee: Arabica and Robusta.


1. Robusta

Robusta coffee (also known as Voi coffee) is the second most important coffee tree in the world. About 39% of coffee products are produced from this type of coffee. You may not know, the world's largest exporter of Robusta coffee is none other than Vietnam. Other important exporting countries include: Uganda, Brazil, India.

In Vietnam, the Central Highlands provinces such as Dakak, Gia Lai, and Kom Tum are regions that specialize in Robusta coffee. As can be seen, Robusta contains higher caffeine content and the taste will not be as pure as Arabica coffee. Therefore, it is underrated. Robusta coffee trees have the form of trees or shrubs, the height of the mature tree can be up to 10m. Coffee berries are round, the seeds are smaller than Arabica beans. The caffeine content in Robusta coffee beans is about 2-4%, while Arabica coffee is only about 1-2%. Like Arabica coffee, 3-4 years old coffee trees can begin to harvest. The tree produces seeds for about 20 to 30 years. Voi coffee likes to live in the tropics, the suitable height for growing the tree is under 1000m. The suitable temperature for this coffee tree is about 24-29°C, and the rainfall is over 1000mm. The characteristics of the coffee tree are that it requires more sunlight than the tea tree.


2. Arabica

In Vietnam, this type of coffee is divided into two types: Moka and Catimor. This type of coffee is grown mainly in Cau Dat area (Da Lat) - considered the place where Arabica coffee is grown to produce the best finished product in Vietnam.

• Moka: Characteristic seductive aroma, sweet, light taste. Moka is a species of coffee belonging to the genus Arabica, which was introduced by the French in the 30s of the last century, grown in Da Lat - Lam Dong. In the family, this coffee variety is the most difficult to grow, requiring very careful care. Moka coffee trees only grow and develop at an altitude of 1500m, so very few places can be planted. Every year, our country exports over 1 million tons of coffee, mostly Robusta coffee grown in Daklak and some other provinces. Therefore, in Vietnam, Moka is a rare coffee, the price is always higher than other types of coffee.


• Catimor: Strong aroma, slightly sour taste, export price is twice that of Robusta. This is a hybrid between Hybrid Deoxyribonucleic Acid Timor with Caturra variety for a product called Catomor. Catimor is a low-growing coffee variety with short burning branches and the ability to grow thickly. The outstanding advantage of this variety is resistance to rust (Hemileia Vastatrix), a disease that defoliates coffee resulting in low and precarious yields. Old varieties such as: Typica, Bourbon, Caturra, Mundo Novo, if not sprayed with chemical pesticides, this disease causes very serious harm in coffee growing places in Vietnam and around the world. In addition to the disease resistance of the Catimor variety, it also has another valuable feature because it has a canopy that covers the body, thus limiting the damage of the stem borer (Xylotrechus Quatripes) and this type of insect has a habit of not liking it. lay eggs in dimly lit places. Above are two popular types of coffee in Vietnam.

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