Vietnam has a culture of enjoying coffee slowly compared to the take away coffee culture that has been very popular in the international market. So why is it that by 2022, Vietnamese coffee beans have suddenly become such a trend and are so sought after?

Vietnamese coffee is not just a "trend"

Inside the large industrial coffee roasters in the international market, coffee beans are imported directly from Vietnam, with a warm, delicious and sweet caramel smell.

According to people with experience in the coffee industry, Robusta is known to be a cheap coffee, with poor quality compared to Arabica. But the reality is not so. Just as there are many types of wine, there are also different types of coffee: the quality is always high and the taste preference lies with the consumer.

Part of a true coffee lover's job is to remove prejudice against Robusta and ensure that Vietnamese coffee receives the social and economic recognition it deserves.  

vietnamese-coffee-factory vietnamese-coffee-factory   

Coffee was brought to Vietnam by France, but an independent coffee culture has blossomed in Vietnam since then, both in coffee culture and in agriculture. In fact, Vietnam is the second largest coffee producer in the world. Not only that, Robusta accounts for 40% of the production of the worldwide coffee market.

With the growing interest in specialty coffee culture around the world, there is certainly - and starting to make room for Robusta and Vietnam in the world coffee market.

Huongmai Cafe quotes a pretty good comment: "If you are someone who is interested in discovering and learning about Vietnamese coffee, we also want to introduce the concept of culture for you to understand or appreciate the coffee bean. is not only a product separate from the origin, but also many factors, including people, culture, lifestyle ... ". "It's not a trend because it's been around for so long."


With the growing number of Vietnamese coffee brands in foreign countries, it can be seen that the great influence of Vietnamese coffee over the years is not just a temporary trend.

Drinking coffee in a very Vietnamese way

The strong coffee flavor has become familiar in the daily life of Vietnamese people. The sophistication of Vietnamese coffee is reflected in the unique culture and style of coffee enjoyment of Vietnamese people.

Vietnamese people have their own style of enjoying coffee, they do not consider coffee as a quick drink with anti-drowsy effects like Americans, but enjoy coffee as a culture: sipping and thinking. Sitting by a cup of coffee, taking small sips while reading newspapers, listening to music, chatting with friends, with business partners, or sitting at work, and also to reflect on life, people, ...

The taste of Vietnamese people is: bold, bitter, fragrant with almond, earthy smell. Depending on the type of coffee, it gives people the feeling of sourness, oiliness, and scent of different fruits. A good cup of coffee is a cup of coffee rich in natural flavor, with mild acidity, fresh, clean tongue; It has a strong oiliness and, more especially, emits a gentle fragrance that easily conquers anyone's taste buds.



Effects of coffee in daily life

Coffee is not only a refreshing drink, but it also makes people awake, relaxed, brings health to people, makes people closer to each other, improves morale and efficiency work. Regardless of culture, Vietnamese coffee always brings fresh emotions and positive energy.

Huongmai hopes to bring Vietnamese coffee beans to coffee lovers around the world.


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