Coffee is a beverage with a distinctive, delicious and rich taste. In the following article, Huongmai will help you learn about the taste of Vietnamese coffee, how to preserve it so that it always has the best taste.

How to keep the coffee taste delicious for the longest time and not affect the user's health? What do we need to pay attention to in order for coffee that has been stored for a long time to taste delicious and not lose its taste?

With powdered coffee, you should note that the shelf life when the bag is unopened is no more than 6 months. In the case of unpacking and using, it is best to use within 2 weeks to ensure delicious quality and fresh taste.

If you are passionate about coffee and knowledgeable about coffee, you can use pure coffee. You can grind coffee beans as needed to ensure the best taste and quality.


Learn about the taste of Vietnamese coffee, some special taste coffees

Robusta coffee

Robusta coffee taste is impressive with mild aroma, bitter taste, no sour taste, brown water and sufficient caffeine content.

Culi coffee

The taste of Culi coffee is characteristically bitter, not sour, the water is black, and the aroma is passionate and rich. Culi coffee is full-bodied coffee beans with high caffeine content. Especially in each Culi coffee fruit, there is only one bean.

Arabica coffee

The taste of Arabica coffee has a bitter taste as diverse from mild bitter to bitter with a passionate aroma, light brown color, slightly acidic taste but very attractive to the taste of coffee connoisseurs and ladies get high.

Arabica coffee consists of 2 main lines: Moka coffee with a passionate aroma and light taste, Catimor coffee with a strong aroma and slightly sour taste.


Cherry coffee

Cherry coffee flavor is very suitable for women's preferences, with shiny coffee beans and a very beautiful yellow color. When mixed, there is a sour taste of cherry, creating a faint aroma, blending into a feeling of rustic, nobility and luxury, very refreshing when drinking.

Robusta - Arabica coffee

The taste is a great combination of Robusta and Arabica, distilling all the quintessential coffee taste to create a drink with a strong brown color, strong bitterness of Robusta and strong aroma of Arabica, creating a feeling of comfort and relaxation stretch.

Robusta – Culi coffee

The synthetic flavor from Robusta and Culi creates a rich product with a rich brown color, the strong bitterness of Robusta is enhanced, the aroma is light with a relatively high caffeine content. The taste is suitable for those who love strong coffee, creating a feeling of dynamism and refreshment.

How to keep the delicious coffee flavor for a long time

You need to use a thermos to keep the delicious coffee hot for several hours. The best thermos is made from a stainless steel shell, with vacuum insulation for effective heat retention.

Before pouring the coffee into the thermos, a little tip for you is to pour in some boiled water and keep it for 10 minutes. Then just pour the water and pour the coffee into the pot, which will help the coffee taste difficult to change.


After buying coffee, you should store it in a glass or plastic jar. Seal the jar tightly and store in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight or moisture.

You should not leave the coffee in the bag or out in the air for too long, it will remove the coffee smell. Avoid keeping coffee in the refrigerator, easy to get odors from foods and lose its own taste.

This article, Huongmai hopes to be useful to you, those who love to learn about the taste of Vietnamese coffee. Hope you have found the right coffee for you through the article, as well as know how to preserve coffee to use it for as long as possible.