Coffee is part of the culture of countries around the world. It is interesting that Vietnamese iced milk coffee is ranked by travel website Cntraveler as one of the best coffee cups in the world. The following article Huongmai Cafe has summarized the information, please read it.

  1. Iced milk coffee – bold Vietnamese flavor

The classic Vietnamese style coffee mug is widely popular all over the world but it has a special delicious taste when drinking in Vietnam. Roasted coffee, slowly dripped through a traditional Vietnamese coffee filter, then mixed with sweetened condensed milk and ice, brings a strong, completely new flavor.

This is a drink that is no longer strange to Vietnamese people, or any foreign tourist is extremely excited and excited to enjoy "specialties" when having the opportunity to visit Vietnam.


  1. Espresso Romano – Italy

When you're in Rome, or anywhere in Italy, do what the Italians do: stand up and drink your espresso quickly. It's not because Italians are busy, but their goal in drinking espresso is to drink it before the "crema" - the creamy emulsion that separates from the coffee oil on the surface of the espresso and gives it flavor. coffee - disappear. However, do not drink it after 11 am as the majority of Italians believe it will have a negative effect on the digestive system.

  1. Cafe Cubano – Cuba

Also known as cafecito, Cubano coffee has the classic roots of Italian coffee. To make a Cubano, roasted espresso is brewed directly with sugar or mixed and melted with sugar to create a unique sweetness. You can also add more milk to drink if you like.

  1. Pharisaer – Germany

Besides the combination of three ingredients coffee, rum and cream, cafe Pharisäer comes with an interesting story: Legend has it that once upon a time, on the North Island of Nordstrand, there lived an abstain from alcohol, attending a baptism.

Therefore, a drink served at the event was conceived as a mixture of rum and coffee, concealed by a layer of cream on top. When the general discovered this ruse, he exclaimed: "Oh, you Pharisees" - and a wonderful drink was born.

Cafe Pharisäer is a local specialty of the island of Nordstrand, but can also be found in restaurants and cafes along Germany's north coast.

Pharisaer–Germany	Pharisaer–Germany

  1. Cafe de Olla - Mexico

Infused with the scent of cinnamon and piloncillo - an unrefined cane sugar that smells like molasses - a cup of Cafe De Olla is as sweet and warm as breath. Traditional Mexican coffee cups are often served in red clay mugs, in cafes throughout Mexico.

  1. Frappé – Greece

In a typical recipe, a Frappé is a mixture of instant coffee, water, and varying amounts of sugar. Frappé can also be served with sweetened condensed milk, widely available in Greek or Cypriot cafes in the summer.

You can choose your own sweetness: glykós with 4 tablespoons of sugar, followed by metersrios with 2 tablespoons of sugar and skétos without sugar.

  1. Melangé – Austria

Coffee in Austria has many varieties of which the most popular is Wiener Melage. Like the cappuccino, this drink is an espresso served in a large coffee cup with a topping of hot milk and milk foam. Want a more enjoyable cup? Let's call it kaisermelange: it's an espresso with an egg yolk mixed with honey and whipped cream.

  1. Café Bombón – Spain

A layered drink served in a glass, cafe bombón is espresso with sweetened condensed milk. First, people pour condensed milk into the cup, then slowly pour the coffee on top so that the coffee sinks below, creating a different color. Stir well to mix the 2 layers of coffee and milk together before drinking.


  1. Café au Lait – France

Like most French exports, café au Lait has a classy yet popular look. A cup of café au Lait is usually served with warm milk foam on top of a small coffee cup. You can serve it with a croissant in the morning.

It can be said that no matter where you go, the taste of Vietnamese iced milk coffee always makes many people flutter. There is no denying the undeniable appeal of this special drink.

Huongmai Cafe hopes this article will help you.