If you are a loyal fan of weasel coffee, you probably know that Vietnam's weasel coffee is even more expensive than Indonesia's Kopi Luwak. This is considered the most expensive coffee in the world, which is considered by foreign press to be the most expensive in the world. For a long time, domestic coffee believers, even residents from the famous coffee capital of Buon Ma Thuot, Dak Lak, ... when it comes to the name "weasel coffee", part of them consider it a story. Only in the legend, few people dare to boldly claim that they have enjoyed true weasel coffee.

Industry insiders affirm that Vietnamese mink coffee is a true legend and is expensive to be ranked among the top in the world. The reason why Vietnamese weasel coffee is so expensive is because the production process of weasel coffee is quite sophisticated and is done manually. Unlike weasel coffee in other countries, weasel coffee makers in Vietnam say no to keeping weasel in captivity and force them to eat available coffee. The Vietnamese appreciate humanity, love animals, and do not allow the cruel treatment of ferrets.


One of the reasons why weasel coffee is delicious is because weasels are quite gourmet, often choosing to eat delicious, ripe berries. Once the ferrets are "forced" to eat coffee beans, the finished product will not be as good as the wild weasel. The weasel family that eats seeds and "produces manure" now lives in the wild scattered throughout the Central Highlands such as Buon Ma Thuot, Kon Tum, Dak Nong, now, in numbers not as much as before due to increasing hunting a lot of.

The coffee bean ends its adventure to return to nature when the assimilation and catabolism of the ferrets' food gradually fades away and the process is complete. Those "ordinary" coffee beans have now become the most valuable coffee. What's special, only weasel coffee ingredients are completely natural to bring together the essence of weasel coffee, completely different from the rampant farmed weasel raw materials to produce fake weasel coffee, low quality.


In addition, weasel coffee is a unique gift for heads of state when they come to Vietnam for work. Coffee is made from wild mink, many other businesses in Vietnam have also experimented with raising mink to collect coffee. This model has emerged in the provinces of the Central Highlands such as Buon Ma Thuot in recent years. Obviously, the price of coffee made from captive mink is not as high as that of wild mink. A representative of a coffee company said that after purchasing mink manure and coffee from farmers, they process it and sell it to the market at a high price.

In the country, with the "heavenly" price, weasel coffee is still a strange concept to most people, maybe they only have the opportunity to taste "flavoured" weasel coffee, H (Tay Ho, Hanoi) said that he drank fake weasel coffee when he entered the shops displaying the "Weasel coffee" sign or was given by friends and did not feel the difference clearly, even the taste is quite bad and they have not so good experiences.

For coffee connoisseurs, weasel coffee is a famous and most expensive drink in the world because of its rarity as well as its passionate and seductive taste, the sweetness that lingers in the throat, a slight hint of chocolate and vanilla. At Huong Mai Cafe, our coffee is not only a name but also a story. Are you ready to experience this seductive aroma, deep bitterness but still delicate, pure? We are committed to bringing the best quality mink coffee to our customers and satisfy most demanding customers at home and abroad.


Huongmai hopes this article helps you change your mind and have a more positive view of weasel coffee.