The following article, Huongmai will help you clearly see the production process of weasel coffee, explaining why this coffee is dubbed the most expensive coffee in the world.

To make a cup of finished weasel coffee is really not simple, if you put all your heart and raise the ethical issues in it.

As we all know, weasel coffee (or Kopi Luwak) is made from something - the droppings of the weasel (or spotted civet). At the same time, this is also always ranked as one of the luxury drinks only for the elite.

Weasel coffee is considered to be very delicious with a very unique flavor. The reason comes from the enzymes in the weasel's stomach, which will cause the coffee beans to lose their most natural properties, but instead have a very delicate but gentler taste, extremely attractive to drinkers.

But what makes weasel coffee a luxury drink is not only the taste, but also the process to make it.


Here, we will not talk about the ethical aspects of the industrial mink farming areas that have caused many controversy and condemnation, but only mention the process of making mink coffee in the most traditional and wild way. that some famous farms have been applying.

An extremely difficult method, but in return is highly humane, and at the same time increases the value of weasel coffee to the most expensive in the world.

Coffee harvesting: tracking, collection, and extreme limits

As you probably already know, the ferret is a rather small and nocturnal cat family. The ferret's diet is also quite diverse, not just coffee berries.

Referring to this issue to see that mink dung dumps in the wild do not always have coffee beans in them. When the Indonesians found this type of coffee, they could only manually collect the beans, scour... droppings one by one, digging, the search was very hard.

This also means that the amount of weasel coffee if collected in the traditional way is extremely limited. Today, some modern farms also raise mink according to the natural release method, wearing a GPS navigation system for each ferret to make it easier to locate and collect feces, but the yield is still very low limit.

It is estimated that the world supply of weasel coffee according to the traditional method is extremely meager.


Strict and meticulous production process

After collection, coffee beans will have to go through relatively strict processing processes.

The first step is definitely cleaning. This step must be done several times, to ensure that there are no longer any signs that it is a manifestation of “ferret droppings.”

Next, the coffee beans will be spread evenly, dried in the sun so that the humidity is only about 10% - 12% is optimal.

After drying, the beans will be put into a machine to remove the remaining outer shell, before going through manual screening again. The counties will be scored on a scale based on each criterion, classified into each level. Only qualified seeds will be selected. The selection is very careful, which is also the reason why weasel coffee is so expensive.

After filtering is complete, we have fresh weasel coffee ready to be packed and brought to the roasting facility.


The roasting process can be said to be the most important step in any coffee. Proper roasting, correct technique will determine the taste, aroma and color of coffee. This is also a factor that determines how good the coffee is.

There are quite a few ways to roast coffee. As with weasel coffee, the optimal way is to roast at a moderate level, so as not to break the complex flavor structure of the coffee, and at the same time push the flavor to the highest level. At the same time, after roasting, the coffee must be cooled as quickly as possible, in order to retain the flavor inside the heart of the bean.

The output is very small, plus the production process is both meticulous and complicated, that's why weasel coffee deserves to be classified as "luxury". The price to own 1 kilogram of naturally raised weasel coffee is very expensive, but if you can, try it, it's worth the money. And Huongmai Cafe weasel coffee is one of the reliable choices, very popular with domestic and international customers.