Preserving delicious coffee. Delicious coffee with a strong taste different from other drinks. How to keep the taste of coffee always attractive. besides the quality of pure coffee. You need to care to preserve good coffee so as not to lose the characteristic taste when using.

To fully enjoy the typical flavor and quality of the cafe, connoisseurs of coffee will use pure coffee beans.

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Only grind enough to make a drink right away. It’s beacause whole-bean coffee in ambient oxygen will begin to present stale flavors in about 10-14 days, while ground coffee will begin to present stale character in about 24 hours

Cách đơn giản để phân biệt cà phê thật và cafe giả

Preserving roasted coffee beans

    Preserve roasted coffee beans in a cool, dry place. Avoid damp places where temperatures are too high or too low. Avoid sunlight.

    Do not freeze coffee. Many people have a concept, if they are frozen, they will save the taste of coffee. This is the wrong way. Refrigerator temperature condenses, affecting the quality and taste of coffee. In addition, the roasted coffee will produce essential oils, creating a characteristic flavor. When frozen, this essential oil will be lost. So you've lost the distinct taste of coffee.

    Do not store coffee in the refrigerator. Because coffee will absorb the smell of food stored in the refrigerator.

    Keep the coffee in a clean jar, with a tight lid. Tips: After each use, be careful to close the lid immediately. To limit thescent from being dispersed, evaporate. Or get air to cause moisture, causing coffee to reduce quality.

    Cách bảo quản cà phê, giúp cà phê để được lâu mà vẫn giữ được mùi


The enemy of coffee is the air, humidity, light and temperature. Want to preserve good coffee, help preserve the typical flavor of coffee for a long time. You need to avoid cafe exposure to the above factors.