From a coffee that is considered the dirtiest, only used by farmers, weasel coffee has become the most expensive coffee in the world with prices that can reach tens of millions of dong per kilogram. So, what is weasel coffee? Why is mink coffee popular even though the price is not low? Join Huongmai to refer to the article below to learn more about weasel coffee!

What Is Weasel Coffee? Weasel Coffee is… weasel droppings?

Weasel coffee, also known as Kopi Luwak, is actually weasel dung coffee. When eating coffee berries, ferrets release the outer shell, swallowing the flesh and seeds inside. The ferrets cannot digest coffee beans, so they will excrete them.

Coffee beans released by ferrets have been fermented by enzymes in the weasel's stomachs. This process makes the coffee beans after roasting are hard and crispy, with less protein. When brewing As a beverage, the bitterness of coffee will be reduced, the taste is very strong, and it is more delicious than ordinary coffee.

The enzymes in the ferret's stomach also break down the flavor structure, making the coffee smell and faintly chocolatey, bitter but very pleasant.


The Origin Of Weasel Coffee

Weasel coffee was discovered around the beginning of the 18th century during the period when Indonesia was a Dutch colony. At that time, farmers in Bali (Indonesia) were forbidden to harvest coffee according to their personal needs, as a result, the coffee fell full of sugar.

Later, it was found that the ferrets when eating coffee will not be able to digest it, and if this bean is used for processing, it will create a more delicious drink than normal coffee.

"Kopi" in Indonesian means coffee and "luwak" is the name of a region on the Indonesian island of Java, and also the name of a species of weasel that resides here.

Why Weasel Coffee Prices Are So Expensive?

After being introduced to the West by expert Tony Wild in 1990, weasel coffee beans quickly became famous and loved around the world. The price of farmed mink coffee and natural mink is not the same. So why are weasel coffee beans expensive?


Extremely Low Output

In the world, weasel species are only distributed in a few areas, so only a few countries can produce this unique weasel coffee such as: Indonesia, Vietnam, Ethiopia... Besides, weasel coffee production is also very high. limit. Indonesian brand of mink coffee Kopi Luwak produces only 200-300kg per year.

Weasel Eats Only The Best Coffee Beans

Weasels are quite picky eaters, they only choose to eat the best coffee berries on the tree. Those are ripe berries, no pests, no scratches, no plastic clinging to the outside. This means that weasel coffee beans are selected from the finest coffee beans through expert ferrets.

Delicious Taste Hard Coffee Beans Can't Compare

The taste of weasel coffee is mild, not bitter but strong enough to surprise you. During and after enjoying weasel coffee, you will always feel a little sweet and lingering aftertaste in your throat.

Drinking weasel coffee without sugar, without ice with a glass of water is the best way to enjoy it. This way of enjoying also gives you an unmistakable scent experience. The scent-sensing nerves in your nose will be awakened by the ethereal, sweet and diffused aroma.



In particular, the aroma of weasel coffee is divided into many layers. The first scent is the scent of ripe fruit, the second is the blend of coffee mixed with chocolate and malt.

This flavor will still be attached even if you have finished your cup of weasel coffee. It is that attachment that makes those who once enjoy weasel coffee will never forget.

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