Where to buy genuine weasel coffee is always a difficult question. Surely, if anyone is connoisseur of coffee and has learned about this weasel coffee, they also know that the price of this drink is not cheap. Whether you buy it in small quantities to try it out or buy it as a gift in bulk to give as a gift, to a loved one or a partner, with such an expensive price, many people will tend to buy weasel coffee is not pure to fit the pocket of ordinary workers.


It is because to reduce costs that many establishments have also produced non-genuine weasel coffee, poor quality, less delicious taste, mixed with many ingredients that are not good for health. There are also places where coffee is of poor quality, but the price is still as high as usual. Be a smart consumer, learn about the product carefully when deciding to use it, to avoid losing money.


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First of all, you need to know that coffee is grown and produced in many countries, but weasel coffee is only available in places where ferrets live. Specifically, Southeast Asian countries, including Vietnam. However, only certain types of weasel can eat coffee berries and can be used to produce an expensive drink called "weasel coffee."

Vietnam can produce weasel coffee thanks to the small size weasel species, they often choose the best coffee beans and then excrete the seeds with feces. Because the teeth of this weasel are quite weak, the outer husk of the coffee bean is not broken, so feces and other gastric juices cannot contaminate the coffee bean. However, fermentation still occurs, causing changes in some substances in the coffee beans, creating a premium drink that is different from regular coffee.



Weasel is a species that helps produce weasel coffee, but the quantity in our country is decreasing, leading to low output, complicated production process, so the price of weasel coffee in general is also very expensive. If looking for farm weasel coffee, the price is usually cheaper than natural weasel coffee or branded weasel coffee.

Some coffee shops now also serve weasel coffee for customers in need, the price of this coffee is also quite expensive. Referring to the recent market, the retail price of 1 cup of pure, delicious weasel coffee is about a few hundred thousand dong, 2-5 times higher than regular coffee. But few people buy weasel coffee to drink at the shop, but mainly buy ingredients to prepare at home.


The price per kilogram of weasel coffee will be commensurate with the quality. With this price, many people still choose weasel coffee as a typical gift to give to relatives, foreign friends or partners. This has been helping weasel coffee in particular and Vietnamese cuisine in general go further in the international arena. Gradually becoming a beauty in the culture of tourists, every time you have the opportunity to visit this beautiful country, you will definitely buy genuine weasel coffee to enjoy or as a gift.

Where to buy genuine weasel coffee in Hanoi?

It is certain that many customers have difficulty finding quality, genuine, pure, and delicious weasel coffee, especially in big cities like Hanoi, the more difficult the coffee market is to control, many fake weasel coffee entered the market to sell to consumers.



So how to get weasel coffee that is flavorful, sweet, pure and properly produced? Understanding these concerns of customers, Huongmai Cafe has connected with the large weasel coffee farm of the Central Highlands is called “Tay Nguyen”, providing quality wholesale and retail coffee. Thanks to the quality of products, Huongmai Cafe brand has gained a reputation from customers in Hanoi as well as nationally and internationally.